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DON’T MISS: Saucer Country #1 with Paul Cornell

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Running Time: 00:27:28

Mere hours from now, before a captive TV audience, New Mexico Governor Arcadia Alvarado is scheduled to announce her bid for the Presidency. Tonight though, she’s the captive. Detained, so she believes, by little grey men from another world. So it happens that a world-class political mind is convinced in the existence of aliens. Returned to the waking world, Arcadia is left with the horrific memory of abduction and less than 24 hours to decide what to do with such knowledge. Does she tell her staff? Does she tell the world? Paul Montgomery talks to writer Paul Cornell about the history, mythology and culture of swamp gas and weather balloons, the collision of Americana and paranoia at the heart of Saucer Country.

Saucer Country #1
Written by Paul Cornell
Art by Ryan Kelly
$2.99 – Vertigo

“Violet Stars Happy Hunting (The Jetson’s Mix)”
Janelle Monae


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  1. Quite looking forward to it! Hope it sells well and gets a good long run.

  2. Aarghhh!

    My store got shorted on Saucer Country, so my most anticipated book of the year so far gets delayed another week.

    In the meantime, at least I’ve got that awesome song by Janelle Monae now downloaded on my iPod. Thanks for the heads up…that song is killer!

  3. read the first issue (borrowed from friend). great art, but will not return for subsequent issues. good story, not compelling enough for me. something is missing, but i can’t tell you what.

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