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DON’T MISS: San Diego Comic-Con

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We're taking a little different tack this week, and Ron Richards and Josh Flanagan are talking about what what's going on at San Diego Comic-Con next week. We've got the panel suggestions you don't want to miss, and the stuff from the floor you need to check out. Even if you can't make it to the show, you'll know what's going on, and what type of news to expect from San Diego. Also, make sure to watch all week and weekend for the big news and announcements coming out of SDCC.

Here are all the details about what we're doing at the Con.

Come to California
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  1. haha i love how the black panel is the panel to get canceled…oh i love how comics can be so strangly/blatantly racist 

  2. the audio won’t start…

  3. it worked, thanks. btw, bear-kirkman… how about Kirkman/Sasquatch? It came about his nerdist podcast interview, which was crafted by an artist in the audience and paid or by Damon Lindelof for $2k. It’s basically Kirkman and Sasquatch mutually m*****bating each other while hanging themselves because the zombie apocalypse was too much.

  4. This was a fun surprise guys! Thanks!

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