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DON’T MISS: Red Skull Incarnate with Greg Pak

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One of the most critically acclaimed miniseries of 2011 is available in hardcover this week, Red Skull Incarnate. We chat with writer Greg Pak, who followed his tale of a young Magneto in Magneto Testament with this story of how the most hateful villain in the Marvel universe came to be during one of Germany’s most turbulent time, as the Nazis rise to power.  Pak tells us of the research that went into the story as well as how working with artist Mirko Colak, colorist Matt Wilson and cover artist David Aja put together one of the most compelling stories told at Marvel in 2011.

Red Skull Incarnate
Written by Greg Pak
Art by Mirko Colak

$15.99 – Marvel Comics

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  1. This was an incredible tough story to wait for the collected edition for. Being that it was a miniseries AND a stand alone story, it’s the type of comic that I’d like to read in one sitting. Plus, since I heard that it was so great, it’s a comic that I’d love to have on my bookshelf and lend to other people frequently. BUT, that praise was also a double edged sword, as I had to pry myself away from the shelves each month to not look at the issues. So yeah, words cannot describe how much I’m looking forward to this. Red Skull is one of my favorite villains.

  2. This still hasn’t hit the iTunes feed yet.

  3. awesome, i’m definitely getting this trade. great podcast. thanks

  4. y’know, for some reason i’ve always associated Ron with the singer from the get up kids. I think because at one time they had the same hair.

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