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Don’t Miss: Planetoid #1 with Ken Garing and The Massive #1 with Brian Wood

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Running Time: 00:35:49

This week we’re looking at a science-fiction double feature with two new #1 issues set on some very dangerous planets!

First up, Paul Montgomery catches up with writer and artist Ken Garing, whose Graphicly exclusive Planetoid #1 is about to relaunch in print at Image Comics. Who is Silas and how did he end up on an inhospitable rock lorded over by giant mechanical despots? What new perils await the rugged space pirate on the mysterious Planetoid?

Later, Paul hits the high seas of the near future with writer Brian Wood. In a “post-war, post-crash, post-disaster, post-everything world” only Callum Israel and his intrepid Ninth Wave crew of eco adventurers can track and rescue their missing sister ship The Massive. How steeped in reality is this spiritual successor to Wood’s DMZ? Where will their search take the Kapital and her crew in this strange new dystopia?

Planetoid #1
Written by Ken Garing
Art by Ken Garing
32 pages/$2.50

Image Comics


The Massive #1
Writer: Brian Wood
Artist: Kristian Donaldson
Colorist: Dave Stewart
Cover Artist: Brian Wood, Kristian Donaldson
32 pages/$3.50

Dark Horse Comics

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