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Don’t Miss: National Comics: Looker #1 with Ian Edginton

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Running Time: 00:11:58

DC Comics’ line of one-shots re-imagining some of its more obscure heroes for modern readers continues this week with National Comics: Looker #1. Paul sits down with writer Ian Edginton to discuss Emily Briggs, an undead supermodel who puts the “vamp” in vampire. Eternal youth might seem like a major boon for a glamourous pinup, but what if that gift also comes with the inability to cast a reflection or show up in photographs? How does the stunning Ms. Briggs explain her sudden reluctance to prance and pose on the catwalk? And will she ultimately use her newfound powers for good or ill?

“The Girl Can’t Help it”
Little Richard


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  1. Are these stories in New 52 continuity?

    • Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

      There is some evidence that they are not in continuity. For one, Emily Briggs has a different role in the New 52 Batman Incorporated series.

    • I don’t think they are in continuity especially since the vampires in I, Vampire are different than the vampires in this one-shot. Also Batman Inc is doing it’s own thing and I’m not even sure that’s part of the new 52 continuity so much as Grant doing whatever he wants and nobody telling him not because he’s Grant Morrison and he sells books.

  2. Why don’t they just call it Looker? I don’t think writing National Comics on it is gonna help it sell. Ha, I just don’t understand DC and Marvel sometimes.

    Looks cool, will check out.

  3. The writer a idiot and DC as bad, First you removing the entire scariest thing about Looker ,she was a a superhero converted. Vampire bad guy Killed a Superhero made her his slave. By removing that she just anther Vampire.

    Worse he saying He not basing any of her personality on Looker.
    He was told he did not have to really have to look at the old storys so chose not to.
    On top of that he Never bothered to check DC Lore. Vampires Are now like Dracula in the Original Book Sun Light makes them weak even sleepy but dose not harm them. So basically this guy decided to write a Vampire story and use Lookers old Name… This is the Dumbest thing I have ever seen. And he is suck a chickensh** he blaming DC before the book even comes out for what was his choice.
    And Name of the Book is Just stupid!

    Please Ian Edginton Stop writing. You did no research on Looker and None on current DC Vampires.
    Your not Original just lazy and a bad writer.
    Ps Vampires as models that can not be photographed ruining there career WAS done to UNDEATH.
    Not a thing remotly original, What was Original was this standard hero with so Psi powers that one day gets turned undead, Minds freed when her OWNER Master dies Who used her as a sex toy and weapon, Now half her freinds want her dead and the other half Hate her for a disease she got.

    • I think blanket statements like DC is bad or Rob Liefeld level name-calling is not helping your cause even though you have legitimate constructive criticism. Just because the internet gives you anonymity and the ability to be an ass doesn’t mean you have to take it especially when you have an actual point that people can respect or respond to if you didn’t resort to slinging mud.

  4. It wasn’t a bad read I just don’t understand the point of these one-shots if they’re not part of the new continuity, if they’re not part of the world building.

    Now that vampires are a part of the universe thanks to the under appreciated I, Vampire you’d think they would have stuck to the rules for vampires that that book has set up and tied things together a bit.

    Oh well. It wasn’t bad and the villain looked rather cool I just think it would be more fun if these one-shots were part of the new continuity.

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