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DON’T MISS: G.I. Joe: COBRA Special #2 with Mike Costa

Show Notes

Mike Costa returns to Don't Miss to talk about the follow-up to last year's amazing G.I. Joe: Cobra Special. With the regular series now an ongoing, you'll hear how story plans have changed and allowed Mike to continue expanding on the character of Chameleon. We were originally introduced to Chameleon in G.I. Joe: Cobra II #1, or were we? Listen in to find out more about Chameleon, the ongoing series, plans for Chuckles and more.

Running Time: 23:30

Changing Faces
Katie Todd


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  1. I didnt even know this was coming out! And unto the pulllist it goes!

  2. I’m looking forward to this issue and to listening to this podcast.  Mr. Costa has done a wonderful job with G.I. Joe Cobra.

  3. Cobraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!

  4. Loved the first trade, can’t wait for the second to come out

  5. Thanks for this!  Glad to hear Chuckles is coming back in the next arc.  I’m enjoying the current story but really look forward to catching up with Chuckles again soon.  Any idea if the title is ending after that arc and third special? 

  6. I don’t believe there are any plans to end the series. The way I understand it, is that Mike is finishing the "Chuckles Trilogy" with the 3rd Special.

  7. Got it, thanks!

  8. I’ve never read G.I. Joe and want to pick up a trade.  Where do I start?

  9. Grab the first G.I. Joe Cobra trade if you like espionage…. and awesome.

  10. holy shit, I didnt even know there was another special coming out but now Im so excited for wednesday.

    By the way, is the regular Cobra book going to return to the Chuckles story soon?

  11. Listen to the episode.

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