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DON’T MISS: Flashpoint: The Canterbury Cricket with Mike Carlin

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Running time: 00:16:46

Who or what is the Canterbury Cricket?

Is it Flashpoint's answer to Ambush Bug?

The Martian Manhunter?

A mutated Paul Cornell?

iFanboy's Paul Montgomery talks to writer Mike Carlin about one of the strangest and most mysterious books in all of DC Comics' Flashpoint event. Join the resistance and find some answers. 

Flashpoint: The Canterbury Cricket

Writer: Mike Carlin

Artist: Rags Morales

$2.99 – DC Comics


"Just Another Dead Rat in a Garbage Pail (Behind a Chinese Restaurant)"

Alexandre Desplat

Feast your eyes on this three page preview of Flashpoint: The Canterbury Cricket by Mike Carlin, with art by Rags Morales: 




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  1. I’m looking forward to this, nice one on giving us Godiva. And Mrs Hyde? Hee.

    As with this week’s excellent Kid Flash: Lost, though, the understanding of what constitutes the UK is squiffy – DC needs to get a Brit to give pages a quick look over before signing off on them – there are enough in the industry.

    Still, points for ‘tad’.

  2. Wow, he didn’t tell us much, did he?

  3. The line ‘England and her United Kingdom’  is a bit of a clunker, considering that Mike Carey is British, but I was sold on the comic from the title alone.

  4. I find it interesting that Etrigan The Demon is popping up in a few Flashpoint books, whether it was in the background of a cover or the interior of this Canterbury Cricket tie book.

  5. @timbermunki  I think you misread a name there, this is Mike Carlin, not Carey.

  6. I’m sold. Picking this one up tomorrow.

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