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DON’T MISS: Echoes #1 with Joshua Hale Fialkov

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Running Time: 22:38

Echoes #1 is out this week from Top Cow's Minotaur Press, by writer Joshua Hale Fialkov and artist Rahsan Ekedal. Flanagan chatted with Fialkov about this thoroughly creepy tale, and manage to skirt their way around revealing the secrets and still talk about what it's like to come up with a chilling horror story set entirely in the real world.  The 5 issue mini-series is full of twists and turns, and complete defiance of your expectations.  Visit the Echoes website, and follow them on Twitter.  Don't miss Echoes #1 this Wednesday!

Echoes #1

Written by Joshua Hale Fialkov, art by Rahsan Ekedal

$2.99 – Minotaur Press/Top Cow

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  1. I actually read the first issue yesterday as part of the First Look trade.  The ending of the first isssue definitely made me want more, good work Echoes team.  But since I pre-order my books I missed out on pre-ordering #1 and #2.  (The collector in me needs #1 even though I already read it in First Look).  Here’s to hoping they solicit a bundle of backissues.  #problemsWithPreordering

  2. Sounds awesome! Definitely picking this up.

  3. very cool!  my only exposure to Ekedal’s art was from the last couple of issues of Creepy and I thought it was spectacular.  I wandered if anything else would come out by him, so I’m really excited for this.  Not to mention the story seems perfectly fitting to the style!

  4. I enjoyed the person being interviewed, but why did the person interviewing sound so disengaged. I listen a lot, but this is the first podcast where I didn’t feel that the person interviewing was really listening. No like that, but I think I’ll get this book. 🙂

  5. Just realized this was the guy who wrote Tumor. I’m a little more interested now, but it sounds kind of disturbing in a bad way or at least a way that I’m not I want to be entertained by.

  6. *I’m not sure I want to be entertained by*

  7. I picked this up on the strength of iFanboy’s recommend, and did not regret it. It’s a real life story, gritty with great art by Ekedal.

  8. Hey Barrow, 
    If you need to pick up a copy of issue #1 you can get it at and issue #2 will be available there as well. That way you can pre-order #3-5 and not have to miss out on an terrific series.

    MegaPhilip – it’s a classic psychological, suspense story in the tradition of Hitchcock. Josh and Rahsan do a killer job of letting your imagination do the work when it comes to all of the actually horrific serial killer stuff. It’s terrifying nonetheless!

    William – thanks for giving it a shot! Glad you enjoyed it.

    Take care,

    Filip Sablik
    Publisher Guy, Top Cow Productions. 

  9. I read Echoes #1 on Comixology, as a “free” comic. And just as the drug dealers of old… “let ’em taste the good s*$# for free, and hook em.” I’m hooked, promptly purchased Echoes #2. BRILLIANCE, pacing, plot, characters, the entire package is truly worth the money. Can’t wait for Issue #3.

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