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DON’T MISS: Animal Man #1 with Jeff Lemire

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Animal Man #1Running Time: 16:00

The NEW DC 52 is here, and Jeff Lemire is here to tell us about the debut issue of Animal Man #1. Buddy Baker (Animal Man) and his family have been through a lot since Buddy got his powers, but now there are events happening that will change everything we knew about the Baker clan. Jeff Lemire tells us about writing in the shadow of Grant Morrison’s landmark Vertigo series and how his Animal Man is different, but respectful to the history of one of DC’s most revered cult characters. He also talks about his collaborations with Scott Snyder, with some good natured ribbing thrown in. The New DC is here, and you definitely don’t want to miss this conversation with one of comics rising talents or Animal Man #1.

Animal Man #1
Story by Jeff Lemire
Art by Travel Foreman
$2.99 – DC Comics

I’m An Animal
Neko Case


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  1. I’m excited, this is the only dc book I’m getting.

  2. My most anticipated book. Maybe tied with Swamp Thing, but definitely up there. Excited to see what Jeff and Travel does with it!

  3. I’ve never liked anything Lemire has done and have never read anything Animal Man. Really hoping this is good.

  4. Such a big Animal Man fan, so lookiing forward to this series. I really hope it becomes a sleeper hit.

  5. awesome, this books looks and sounds good

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