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DON’T MISS: Amazing Spider-Man #654.1 with Dan Slott

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Running Time: 00:36:48

One of the most anticipated Point One issues from Marvel, Amazing Spider-Man #654.1 has gotten a ton of attention because of it's promise to reveal the "new" Venom.  But with the news of who Venom is out of the bag, we got a chance to talk to writer Dan Slott about where the idea of new Venom came from, what to expect with this jumping on point of an issue, as well as the stress involved as a Marvel writer, having to keep secrets for such a long time.  Dan Slott clearly loves what he does and you can hear his passion in this extended edition of iFanboy: Don't Miss!

Amazing Spider-Man #654.1

Written by Dan Slott
Art by Humberto Ramos
$2.99 – Marvel Comics

Venom Venom
Rocket Fom the Crypt


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  1. Dan has been rockin’ the title solo. Love Dan on Spidey! But, what’s with Marvel spoiling the surprise? The suprise is part of the fun of reading. What gives?

  2. Big fan of Big Time so far. I’m interesting in seeing how this .1 (prob the only one that i’m getting) will fit into the story overall. Really happy to see Ramos on this…his stuff has been my favorite on this storyline so far. 

  3. Peter Parker-Pickers….I love that

  4. I wasn’t planning on getting this, but I’m in!

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