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DON’T MISS: All Nighter #1 with David Hahn

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Running Time: 00:16:39

Almost as if Image Comics was listening to Ron bemoan the lack of relationship books, David Hahn comes in with All Nighter #1.  Originally slated to be an original graphic novel from DC Comics' Minx line, All Nighter found a new lease on life at Image Comics.  The comic tells the tale of 20 year old art student Kit as she tries to leave her deliquent life behind her and grow up a bit, while a mysterious new roommate enters her life.  

Not convinced? Try reading the All Nighter #1 for FREE in PDF form available at David Hahn's website.  If you like what you read, then go pick up All Nighter #1 and subsequent issues! Trust me, you won't be disappointed!


All Nighter #1
Story and Art by David Hahn
$2.99 – Image Comics


All Nighter


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  1. David Hahn is a great artist and storyteller.  And if you follow him on twitter, he’s a hillarious guy.  This is sure to be good.

  2. I agree with everything the above poster said. And I would add that David is a really nice guy, too.

  3. This podcast really did pique my interest in this story, but i have to ask: what, exactly, is so “cheesy and weird” about targeting comics at teenage girls?  And why is a mandate of writing for that audience considered something oppressive that creators feel the need to cast aside?

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