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DON’T MISS: 27 #1 with Charles Soule

Show Notes

Running Time: 14:56

27 #1
Writer: Charles Soule
Artist: Renzo Podesta
$3.50 – Image Comics

Every once in a while, a great concept comes along, and writers everywhere slap their own foreheads for not thinking of it.  Enter Charles Soule, with his upcoming Image Comics mini-series, 27, concerning a 26 year old guitar hero who learns that he, just like so many rock stars before him, will die at the age of 27, unless he can beat it.  There's rock stardom, a touch of occult, and a whole lot of awesome in the first issue, and Soule tells us all about it.  Don't miss 27#1!

NOTE: The shipping date for the book changed, and now it won't be out until early next month.  Regardless, it's coming, and you can still enjoy the interview.



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  1. I found this a few weeks ago and it sounded really cool! Cheers for the reminder… this week looks massive for comics – why did I buy my iPad now I have no money 😀

  2. That cover is pretty awesome. It would be nice on these don’t miss posts to show a page or two of interiors so we can really see what the whole deal is. 

  3. This sounds terrific. I’ll probably wait for the trade but it does sound right up my alley.

  4. I’m looking forward to this mini. I met Soule at King Con this past weekend, and he was a really friendly, engaging guy. I also bought volume 1 of his comic Strongman, and really enjoyed it.

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