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DON’T MISS: 21 – The Story of Roberto Clemente with Wilfred Santiago

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Running Time: 18:00

Roberto Clemente was one of the most electrifying baseball players in the history of the sport. In the pages of 21 – The Story of Roberto Clemente, we see how he was raised by a loving family in the relative poverty of Puerto Rico and how that upbringing would shape the man who would become a sports icon. With the civil rights movement and political unrest as the backdrop, 21 is much more than the story of an athlete. Listen in as creator Wilfred Santiago discusses how he brought the story to graphic novel form.
21 – The Story of Roberto Clemente

Writer & Artist: Wilfred Santiago

$22.99 – Fantagraphics

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  1. Do NOT miss this book.

  2. I’m so glad you guys did an episode of this. I freaked when I saw it in Previews, and then I wondered why nobody was talking about it. Looks like it’s going to be fantastic.

  3. In 1989 , when I was in the 5th Grade , I did a oral report on Roberto Clemente.  At the end of the year , I won the English Award for the Year  because of that report. One of kids in my school from Puerto Rico , came to me after the award show. We talked for a while and then he told me he loved comic books .  A few days later he brought in a  Spiderman book , and since then I have been a fan of comic books.  I can’t want for this book , because Roberto Clemente is probable the main reason I am reading comic books right now.

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