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Pick of the Week #47 – 52 Week 19

Show Notes

With Josh Flanagan driving across the United States, Ron Richards and Conor Kilpatrick are left alone with no supervision…

Running Time: 00:52:50

Pick of the Week:
00:01:42 – Conor discusses this week’s surprise Pick, 52 Week 19.
00:08:50 – Ron butts into the Pick of the Week discussion to bring up Green Lantern #13.

00:12:44 – Why wasn’t The Escapists #3 the Pick of the Week?
00:14:07 – Ron loves DMZ #11!

00:23:37 – Ron reports on his trip to San Francisco and Isotope Comics.

00:29:09 – We’re getting so much mail!
00:29:47 – Mike from Tallahassee, FL wants to know if Civil War, “Annihilation” and “Planet Hulk” are all going to collide.
00:32:04 – Craig from Oklahoma just rewatched The Rocketeer.
00:33:53 – Marc wants to know why everyone hates the Spider-Man books.
00:35:25 – Frank (not Gina) is looking to get into X-Men comics and wants to know the best way to get back issues.

00:38:23 – Dave Graham & Chris Thorn from “That’s Good to Know” want to know what iFanboy is most excited about beyond DC and Marvel.
00:41:28 – Matt from Orlando, Florida calls in every week. Every week. This week he wants to know which “One Year Later” book from DC will be the first to get canceled.
00:44:31 – Josh from Australia didn’t call the voicemail — he sent us an mp3! He wants to know what we think of… um, that thing… that people use to… you know. The thing.
00:46:42 – Gaumer from Nashville, Tennessee loves the Jimski/Darrel feud!
00:47:03 – Darrel from Queens, New York rants about Uncanny X-Men/Jim Lee/Brian Michael Bendis/Alan Moore/Geoff Johns.

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