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Pick of the Week #111 – Ultimate Iron Man II #1

Show Notes

Ice storms and the internet are our new enemies. Prepare for some dodgy audio quality on this one. We apologize.

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Running Time: 00:59:55

Pick of the Week:
00:01:03 – Josh shocked the world with his Pick of the Week, Ultimate Iron Man II #1!

00:10:56 – Green Lantern #25 made Conor tingly.
00:18:02 – Is it possible for Conor and Ron to gush any more about Green Arrow and Black Canary #3?
00:21:17 – Fables #68 continues the run of comic book excellence.
00:25:00 – Booster Gold #5 very quietly shows that this is one of the best superhero books on the market.
00:28:08 – “Messiah Complex” stalls a bit with X-Factor #25.
00:29:42 – Spider-Man Family #6 featured Frog Thor!
00:31:16 – Opinions are split on The New Avengers #37.
00:33:04 – Scalped #12‘s extended dream sequence didn’t bother Josh. And he hates that stuff!.
00:35:27 – Nightwing #139 proves that Fabian Nicieza really knows Dick.
00:36:49 – Bat Lash #1 is a really solid addition to the western genre.

00:38:27 – Chris from St. Louis, MO wants to know what’s up with the Ultimate line.
00:41:01 – Tad S. from Los Angeles, CA asks about buying habits.
00:43:44 – Paul M. from Philadelphia, PA posits the eternal X-question.

00:47:56 – Ian from the UK wants to start reading Uncanny X-Men.
00:50:38 – Brian from Cincinnati, OH has guilt about buying comics online.

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00:54:32 – Another live show? Really? We’ll be at Jim Hanley’s Universe in Manhattan on December 28 at 8PM. More details to follow.
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