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Pick of the Week #96 – Action Comics #855

Show Notes

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Running Time: 00:58:22

Pick of the Week:
00:01:58 – Shockingly, Ron selected Action Comics #855 as his Pick of the Week!

00:12:14 – The iFanboys were let down by The Mice Templar #1.
00:16:54 – Conor absolutely loved Teen Titans #50!
00:22:32 – Out of nowhere, Conor loved 52: Aftermath – The Four Horseman #1.
00:25:05 – Ron can’t get enough of Local #10.
00:29:17 – Ron was loving the covers this week with Countdown #35 and Avengers: The Initiative #5!
00:31:07 – Conor and Ron both loved Countdown to Adventure #1!
00:33:48 – Batman Annual #26 kicks off the next big Batman story.
00:35:28 – Ron and Conor pass the buck on The Last Fantastic Four.

00:35:59 – Shane from Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada wants to know about starter cons.
00:39:42 – Will (Six Gun) from Tennessee wants to know what Conor thought of The Black Diamond Detective Agency.
00:41:55 – Wally has a question about annuals.
00:44:37 – Adam from England thinks that comics help improve your memory.

00:45:19 – Aaron from Durham, NC loved Ron’s literary comparisons to Booster Gold.
00:46:36 – Chris from Cleveland, OH calls for the return of The Defenders.
00:48:04 – Jeff from Texas wants to know why artists always get into online feuds.
00:50:41 – Jeff from Texas is back, revealing his NetFlix strategy.

00:52:57 – There’s big news about iFanboy, the video show.
00:53:50 – It’s four short weeks until Episode #100 and we’ve got news!

“Wake Up The Heroes”
Sally Crewe & The Sudden Moves

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  1. great song on the open/close! I searched all up and down the internet to find out what it was and I was just about to post it in these comments when I saw that it was listed over to the right. Oh well. Now I’ve got it!

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