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Booksplode #9 – Mind MGMT, Vol 01: The Manager

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Running time: 00:55:10

Who is Henry Lyme? Join Paul Montgomery and Scientist Supreme Ryan Haupt as they bend spoons in an effort to unravel the mysteries of Matt Kindt’s Mind MGMT! Why did the passengers and crew of Flight 815 (no, not that Flight 815) lose their memories up there in the clouds? What’s up with Ewan McGregor’s accent in 2009’s Men Who Stare at Goats? What does heterochromia mean? What other easter eggs lay hidden throughout this, our May 2013 Book of the Month?


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“Make Your Own Kind of Music”
Bobby Sherman



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  1. Awesome! I just bought this at C2E2, it’s now moving up to the top of the Reading Pile!

  2. Great episode & a great series. Fully agree that the almost ethereal artwork really compliments the story. The name Henry Lyme probably refers to Harry Lime, Orson Welles’s mysterious character from The Third Man.

  3. I read this last week and loved it. Kindt employs the same world-building footnotes he did in “Revolver” with the blue-line borders/notes here and while I found it a bit offputting at first, it added an interesting layer of narrative intrigue as the story unfolds and was like a little bonus way to interpret each page by the end. I can’t wait to see how the rest of this unfolds and with it set to run 36 issues I feel we’ve barely scratched the surface of Meru, Lyme, or the amnesiac flight. Thanks for the show, Paul & Co…

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