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Booksplode #7 – Planet Hulk

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Running Time: 00:40:16

Booksplode makes its SMASHING return as Paul Montgomery, Jim Mroczkowski, Ryan Haupt and Timmy Wood swear a war-bond and discuss Greg Pak’s Planet Hulk story line. Where was Bruce Banner during the events of Marvel’s Civil War? Why was he so ticked when he turned up again in its fallout? Let’s find out!


“The Ruiner”


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  1. Great to see Booksplode return. Still holding out hope for the promised episodes covering the remaining Starman Omnibi.

  2. Greg Pak did address where Bruce Banner went in one of the Hulk annuals (or maybe it was a one-shot.) It wasn’t the main story. It was a short. While the War Bond slept, he changed back to Banner. In his head Hulk and Bruce had a conversation. Basically, Hulk said Bruce was useless on that planet. Bruce agreed that as long as they were on the alien planet he would stay away.

    The air idea is better but an explanation was given. It just wasn’t included in the collected edition.

  3. More booksplodes would be awesome! Really enjoyed it guys. The iFanboy team does the best podcasts of all the comic sites I visit. Wish we got monthly booksplodes or creator interviews but I’ll take what I can get. Keep up the good work gentlemen.

  4. Really enjoyed this guys, would love to hear a Blackest Night booksplode =)

  5. If you guys are looking for another booksplode to do. Mark Gruenwald’s Squadron Supreme maxi-series from the 80s is a great work of comic fiction that people rarely talk about. Not only could you talk about the work, you could also discuss the ethical and moral implications that run rampant throughout the story.

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