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Booksplode #5 – The Invincible Iron Man Omnibus, Vol. 1

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Josh Flanagan, Tom Katers, and Jim Mroczkowski tuck in for a nice long discussion on Marvel’s The Invincible Iron Man Omnibus, Vol. 1. This Omnibus covers the first 19 issues of the impressive run by writer Matt Fraction and artist Salvador Larroca. The discussion covers the characterization of Tony, as well as the inclusion of major storylines involving Pepper Potts, and her ‘Rescue’ armor, and the once maligned Maria Hill. Even Norman Osborn came out okay in this one. This story is certain to be essential Iron Man reading as the movies continue to total ever higher box office receipts, and the book does it without Robert Downey Jr.

Running Time: 48:53

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“My Iron Lung”


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  1. Cool, I look forward to listening to this.  I started reading Fraction’s Iron Man at #19, so I picked up this omnibus when it came out to catch up with what Fraction had done with the character.  I enjoyed the book a lot, and really felt that it gave additional weight to what I’d been reading in Iron Man for the last 6 months or so.  I even enjoyed Larroca’s art, though I certainly understand the criticisms.  My only real complaint is that, as someone who started reading Marvel books post-Secret Invasion, it felt like there were jumps between story arcs related to some of the events of the larger universe that weren’t really explained to me.  I could piece together "oh I guess this is because something about Secret Invasion?", but I felt those ideas could’ve been transitioned a bit more smoothly and clearly.  Overall, a really fun take on Tony Stark.

    One (meaningless) question about the book itself–why is this book identified as an Omnibus in its product descriptions on Amazon and such, but not on the cover?  It doesn’t match my other Marvel Omnibuses, which makes an OCD-riddled part of my brain feel itchy.

  2. Yeh! Radiohead!

  3. Avatar photo Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    I haven’t listened to this Bookslode yet, but I have had my eye on this omnibus for a while. I love a large uninterrupted run of comics all together in one place. And the price is right on this one. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts to see if the collection is worth it.

  4. Great chemistry between Jim and Tom. Weird and awkward..i know.

  5. Thank you very much for talking about this the way you did. It means a lot to me. 🙂

  6. I thought it was gonna be about Wednesday Comics. Oh, Well, just as good.

    Got me through a blackout.

  7. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @Nathan – The guys talk about the Book of the Month on the regular Pick of the Week shot. So stay tuned for that discussion. 

  8. Oh. Thanks, Paul.

    I just expected something from that book, like "Asterios Polyp", but it’s perfectly fine.

    I know it takes something really. really special to have Booksplodes, so I may take this as a hint.


  9. Yay for iron lung! Made me smile!

  10. I think I might listen to this again. 🙂

  11. I picked this up when it came out, can’t beat the price for the number of issues included

  12. There is that phrase that pops up again and again and again.

    It reads better in the trade.

    Ok this can be a valid point. But these are supposed to be monthly books

    If after 3 issues are you’re still waiting for something to happen – some idea of the story to present itself and satisfy- a bit

    Then the writer has failed to an extent.  If you Have to wait for the whole collection of single issues to be collected. Faii.

    Write an OGN then. 

    Tease- but offer substance to the mystery you are building- confound but give some clues.



  13. I am really liking Invincible Iron Man so far.  Tony and Pepper are great.  Maria Hill is… okay, I guess.  She’s a good character, but I dunno, I guess she just ticks me off.
    One thing, though – the reason that Tony Stark’s brain hard drive looks exactly the same as all the others.  He had it in the middle of a huge drive array for a reason: to hide it in plain sight.  If it looked like some super-futuristic piece of technology then he couldn’t have hidden it there.
    Good show, guys.
  14. Get that man a No-Prize!

  15. Stories are usually better when you have the whole story at the time you are ready to read it.

    Imagine if your friend told you a story and you were interested, but he only gave you five minutes a month and it took six months to finish it.

    Monthly issues are arbitrary ways to tell a story unless it is a single issue self-contained story or relies purely on cliff-hangers.

    If you like single issues, cool read them, but you shouldn’t complain about the method you have decided to consume storytelling.

  16. After listening to this episode it compelled me to go back and re read the most wanted arc from invincible iron man.  And I have to say that I’m loving it even more than I did when I first read it.

    I wanted to point out that when you guys were laughing at the fact that tony stark’s mind hard drive looked like an iphone and that the shady guy in china town couldnt unlock it.  It’s actually because black widow took a picture of the hard drive with her iphone and brought to the guy, not the actual hard drive it self!  Go back and check it out. 
  17. So she took a picture of a WD hard drive, and wanted him to tell her what he could do? Brilliant.

    "Plug it in to an IDE cable?"

  18. hahaha I know I got a kick out of it. I just remembered you guys commenting on the iphone and was looking out for it when i was re-reading it, and then i noticed.  It looked like she took a picture of the label.  Maybe it had a name on it or something??  Only Fractions knows

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