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Booksplode #4 – The Starman Omnibus, Vol. 2

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We’re back on the horse people!¬†After a long hiatus, Booksplode has returned, to talk, in depth about a particularly good graphic novel or comic collection, and now we’re doing The Starman Omnibus, Vol. 2 with Josh Flanagan, Conor Kilpatrick, and Paul Montgomery. This book continues the stories set up by James Robinson back in the first volume, and expands Jack Knight’s world and relationships exponentially. With regular art by Tony Harris, at the top of his game, and guest art from luminaries like J.H. Williams III, Chris Sprouse, Guy Davis, and more, this book is a joy to behold on almost every page. Get ready for a whole lot of praise for a whole lot of good comics.

Running Time: 00:32:33

If you haven’t, make sure to go back and listen to Talksplode #1: The Starman Omnibus, Vol. 1.

You can buy The Starman Omnibus, Vol. 2 at Amazon or In Stock Trades.

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  1. Paul: "ill be as old as you guys by the time where done" ZING lol kudos sir kudos

  2. it’s finally happened, I am now an Ifanbot Just ordered this omnibus thanks fellas!

  3. Great to have this podcast back guys, and you’re now about where I am with these omnibi.  Have only just started listening to this episode, but Conor, seriously, you have to get those Mystery Theatre volumes.  I read it at the time but my collecting of the title was patchy at best, and my youthful ignorance prevented me appreciating the genius of Guy Davis.  Reading the collections makes all the difference.  They’re beautifully constructed little mysteries and the dialogue and character interaction are exceptional. And Guy Davis is a master, I don’t know what I was thinking back then.

  4. It’s kind of a pity that Geoff Johns has so totally over-shadowed David Goyer’s work on JSA. He co-wrote most of it, and yet people call if "the Johns run"…

  5. That’s what happens when you write Jumper.

  6. Now, I decided to forego watching Jumper, but surely it can’t be as bad as Batman Begins/TDK are good? In other words, Goyer should have some good karma left over.

  7. I didn’t actually see it, so I can’t say it’s his fault. But I haven’t heard anything that makes me want to see it.

    What about Flash Forward? That bored me to tears, and it’s his fault too.

  8. JUMPER was terrible. I enjoy FLASH FORWARD.


    So… STARMAN is awesome.

  9. I knew you were gonna do that.

    Yeah, about that Starman…

  10. I remember buying that solo issue of Bobo when it came out. Probably still one of my favorite single issues to this day

  11. I just saw that this was in my Itunes and I listened to it immediately. The return of one of my favorite segments about one of my favorite books Hooray!

    I’m interseted when you guys will get around to the third one and discuss the Shade miniseries and Grundy with the dream fruit. cant wait till the next one.

  12. This is the only series that I’ve traded up for the omnibus. For the most part, I loved the STARMAN story when I read it in the ten trades that were released, but I didn’t even blink when the first omnibus came out. I had that bad boy in my hands quick.

    Great discussion of the book. Your enthusiasm for the book made me want to go back and reread it all again.

    Glad you’re all enjoying the story. Keep on reading, Conor and Paul! I’m pretty sure you’ll keep liking the story for a while.

  13. Love Starman so far and I am reading it in Omnibi like you guys as well. Finised the second a while ago, need to pick up the third.

  14. I loved the first Starman Omnibus.  I loved it so much that I convinced my library to order the rest of the Omnibusesesesees for me (I have an AWESOME library).  I can’t wait to read the second volume.  I wouldn’t have known the series existed if it wasn’t for this site.  Thanks.

  15. This is a great podcast!! Booksplode has not failed to deliver.I bought the hellboy/batman/starman issues as well as the JSA liberty files as my first introduction to the starman universe. I bought the first trade, thanks to your podcast, and I am eager to read the 2nd TPB. I love the art style, although when you thumb trough it, my first reacton is this book has a tone much different than what would be expected in a typical comic series by the big two. The color use is different thean what I typicallly have seen in comic for that period of time. Mentioning the story to be a long drawn out arc has peaked my interest. I have to admit I liked having Sonia’s opinion, in the first TPB review,  was a great  point of view injected into the conversation. Would there ever be a chance to have her back on for the reviews for the other two omnibus as a special guest? Keep up the great work though, it has been awesome.

  16. This podcast was great. When I first got into Ifanboy, I heard the Booksplode for the first Starman Omnibus and couldn’t wait for you guys to cover the next volumes.

    Starman’s that rare series where I don’t mind buying the single issues, the trades and now these omnibus editions, because I love the series. It introduced me to a new level of writing, and in turn, made me want to get serious about writing. It’s part of the reason I’m in college, and it’s had a significant impact on me.

    I think everyone loves the Bobo issue, because it’s a great done-in-one story. Had Starman been written at this time, how much do you wanna bet they would have taken the Bobo story, and turned it into a six-issue mini? 

    DC really goes out of their way with these omnibus editions. A part of me wishes they’d get the Absolute treatment, but then we could never afford them. Plus, Robinson’s essays are always something to look forward to. 

  17. Just listened to this again, and Josh said at the start of the show that you guys are going to do a Booksplode on each volume. I really wish you would! It’s a fun companion as I’m reading through the series.

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