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Booksplode #28 – My Heroes Have Always Been Junkies

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Thanks to our awesome Patrons, we’re proud to present another Booksplode!

This month, Josh Flanagan and Conor Kilpatrick take a look at…

My Heroes Have Always Been Junkies by Ed Brubaker, Sean Phillips, and Jacob Phillips!

Running Time: 00:21:06

What’s a Booksplode? It’s a bi-monthly special edition show in which we take a look at a single graphic novel or collected edition, something we really just don’t have time to do on the regular show.

“No Excuses”
Alice in Chains


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  1. Not to be That Guy but… The title page of the book says “A Criminal Novella by…” with the logo and everything. Otherwise, great episode!

  2. As far as junkie music heroes go, I would nominate Trent Reznor or Dave Gahan over Layne Staley or Kurt Cobain. Those two guys (and lots of others) have pulled themselves out of addiction and have gone on to continue putting out top notch music into their 50s. Redemption tales always make better heroes than tragedies, imo.

  3. the guy in jail she calls is leo from coward, the first criminal book. her mom is the junkie criminal from the story and she is the little girl leo saves.

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