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Pick of the Week #99 – Dynamo 5 #7

Show Notes

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Running Time: 00:57:02

00:00:27 – We present an entire history of Superman since he died, courtesy of a mystery listener. Crazy!

Pick of the Week:
00:02:04 – Ron’s Pick of the Week was Dynamo 5 #7, because it was just the most fun.

00:10:24 – The Green Arrow/Black Canary Wedding Special is Conor’s favorite book this week, just like the JLA Wedding Special was last week.
00:17:27 – Josh is all about JLA/Hitman #1, and wants DC to get those trades out!
00:22:09 – Captain America #30 is so good it’s hard to tell when it’s good. But it was good.
00:28:40 – Try as they might, iFanboy just can’t get behind World War Hulk #4. Conor’s doing it page by page from here on out.
00:32:49 – Ron takes a spin at the The Umbrella Academy #1 made by rock stars and Brazillians.
00:32:38 – The Irredeemable Ant-Man ends, but it turns out he might not be so irredeemable.
00:41:15 – Josh was not so in love with Countdown this week. Per usual, there is a disagreement.

00:39:23 – Both Rusty from Boston, MA and Sam from Baltimore, MD have been a bit disappointed by Y: The Last Man, and they make a lot of good points about why it’s not good. They’re wrong, but we read the letters anyway.
00:41:46 – Greg in Florida wants to know how we’d teach a course in comics.

00:45:02 – Luke from Denver is quizzing iFanboy on some indie works, like The Nightly News, Martha Washington, and Action Philosophers.
00:47:47 – Craig from Kansas wants to know if we saw the Dr. Strange movie, which we didn’t, but we did see Superman: Doomsday, and we just did a podcast about it!
00:49:22 – Carol from St. Louis wants to know what comics should be adapted for TV.
00:52:02 – Oh yes, he’s back.

00:53:13 – Don’t forget about the live taping of the 100th episode! After, come for drinks and hanging out at Stout. We hope to see you Friday!

“Pass The Hatchet, I Think I’m Goodkind”
Yo La Tengo

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