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Pick of the Week #62 – The Amazing Spider-Man #537

Show Notes

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Running Time: 01:00:38

Pick of the Week:
00:01:41 – More for Captain America than anything else, Conor chose The Amazing Spider-Man #537 as the Pick of the Week.

00:07:22 – Marvel has cologne?
00:09:30 – Conor liked Civil War #6, Josh and Ron not so much.
00:15:43 – Civil War: Frontline #10 was one huge tease.
00:18:11 – Civil War continuity is a mess!
00:20:57 – 52 Week 35 was awesomely grisly.
00:23:35 – Ron’s really loving that the Starjammers have showed up in Uncanny X-Men.
00:25:14 – Conor and Josh are still smitten by Jonah Hex
00:27:02 – … but differ wildly on Scalped #1.
00:31:20 – Fantastic Four: The End #4 has caused a Fantastic Four renaissance in Ron!

Trade Talk:
00:32:41 – Let’s talk hardcovers! The Fantastic Four Omnibus, Vol. 1! Uncanny X-Men Omnibus, Vol. 1! Absolute DC: The New Frontier! The Complete Calvin & Hobbes!

00:40:44 – Chris is looking for Bendis Daredevil hardcovers.
00:43:00 – Raph wants to know about Girls and Cupid from Brooklyn, NY has the answers!
00:46:08 – Roblaw wants to know if we read any Battlestar Galactica comics.

00:49:43 – If you’ve called us in the last three weeks — call back!
00:50:59 – Chris from Long Island, NY wants to know about Ed Brubaker and Civil War.
00:53:56 – Darrel’s back!

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