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Pick of the Week #40 – Astro City Special #1: Samaritan

Show Notes

Our recovery from San Diego continues, and luck has it, we’re all in the NY area this weekend, so it’s the very first Pick of the Week podcast where we’re all in the same room. It may not be a good thing… we’ll let you listen and decide.

Running Time: 00:50:37

Pick of the Week:
00:01:50 – First we discuss last week’s Pick of the Week, Cable/Deadpool #30.
00:03:40 – Then this week’s Pick, Astro City Special #1 : Samaritan.

00:09:31 – Civil War Tie-ins: The Amazing Spider-Man #534, Wolverine #44, The New Avengers #22, Young Avengers & Runaways #1, Civil War: Frontline #4
00:14:30 – X-Men #189
00:15:30 – Daredevil #87
00:19:13 – Batman #655

00:22:37 – George wants to know what the difference is between Batman and Detective Comics, and doesn’t know why there needs to be two Batman books.
00:24:17 – Gabriel just finished reading Gotham Central and has questions.
00:26:06 – Jason from Chicago, Illinois doesn’t understand why male comic book fans are always trying to get their girlfriends to read comics.
00:30:22 – Jeff from Greeley, Colorado doesn’t agree with the iFanboy stance on collecting comics for monetary value and wants the iFanboys to pick their ideal lineups for the X-Men, The Avengers, and the Justice League, and has words for Ron about last week’s Pick of the Week.

00:37:38 – Kyle wants to know what iFanboy thinks about Marvel’s Ultimate line and DC’s All-Star line.
00:40:52 – Josh from The Podaholics is not happy with Damian Lindelof and wants iFanboy to confront him at San Diego Comic-Con.
00:42:25 – Dominic the Grimace laments that he won’t be able to meet the iFanboys at San Diego Comic-Con.
00:44:29 – Andy L. from Charlotte, North Carolina is troubled by the moral imbalance in Civil War.

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