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2006 All Media Year End Roundup (Part Two)

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And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for, part two of the iFanboy 2006 All Media Year End Roundup where we finish discussing everything we enjoyed in 2006 from movies, to TV, to IPTV, to music and of course, comics. As a continued added bonus, comments are open for you to discuss what your 2006 picks were. Enjoy!

Running Time: 00:53:49

00:00:46 – We talk about the big year in IPTV, and Ron watches a whole lot of web video content, such as DL.tv, InDigital, and CommandN.
00:02:15 – We’re also watching comedies such as Ask a Ninja, French Maid TV, Tiki Bar TV, and our collective favorite, The Show with ZeFrank. And we all watch it in a different way.

00:05:30 – Last year we talked about video games, but this year, we’re off World of WarCraft, so Ron comes in with his ten favorite records of the year, and we talk about all the different ways we have to get it.
00:07:45 – Ron likes the Fleeting Joys, with their album “Despondent Transponder.”
00:08:12 – “Paper Television” by The Blow
00:08:41 – “Begin to Hope” by Regina Spektor
00:09:11 – M. Ward – “Post War” — from The Dude!
00:09:27 – “Bring it Back” by Mates of State. And Josh saw them live, and really dug it.
00:10:10 – Apparently, Ron liked Morrissey’s newest album, “Ringleader of the Tormentors”.
00:10:23 – “Separate Ways” by Teddy Thompson
00:10:42 – “The Life Pursuit” by Belle and Sebastian
00:11:01 – He loved the movie, and he loves the soundtrack to Stranger Than Fiction.
00:11:39 – And just for the name, the final album is: I Love You But I’ve Chosen Darkness, with “Fear is on Our Side”.
00:13:03 – Josh’s favorite song of the year: “Cowboys are Secretly Frequently Fond of Each Other” by Willie Nelson.
00:13:40 – Conor and Ron found resplendent joy at the reunion show for Texas is the Reason.

00:16:00 – We enter our comfort zone, and talk comics. Oh that’s a nice fit. Was it a big year for comics, or just a big year in comics for us?
00:19:08 – One of the best books of the year, without a doubt, is Daredevil.
00:21:44 – We wrap up The Escapists, and we’ll try not to mention it again. We just loved it so!
00:22:23 – The book we were really happy to fall in love with this year was Peter David’s X-Factor.
00:25:18 – The Year of the Event!
00:26:07 – DC was event-tastic this year. Ron still doesn’t think One Year Later was good. Josh and Conor do not agree. And of course that leads to 52.
00:31:13 – iFanboy are in agreement that Civil War started off great, but we’re all ready for it to be done with.
00:33:33 – Jim Lee is too pre-occupied to do a good relaunch of the Wildstorm Universe.
00:35:44 – We’re absolutely adoring Absolute editions.
00:37:35 – Best Creators of the year? Brubaker and Brian K. Vaughan.
00:44:22 – We are in the era of the writer. Does the artist matter like he used to?
00:48:08 – Best comic stuff of the year? The Scott Pilgrim Phenomenon? Pride of Baghdad, the resurgence of the Bat Family? San Diego Comic-Con? Comics podcasts?

Come back next week for the regular Pick of the Week podcast! Thanks for a great year!

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“Blitzkrieg Bop”
Yo La Tengo


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  1. liked the year end wrapup

  2. Eh… music tastes are too broad to do a show on. I didn’t care much for that segment. Not only had I not listened to any of the bands you mentioned, I’d never even heard of most of them.

  3. It was only 10 minutes. Believe it or not, people have asked us that question quite a lot, cuz they like the music on the podcasts.

  4. Well… okay, but at least do it in accents, okay? And maybe throw in a Britney Spears taint quip or two, just to keep us people with different musical tastes interested.

  5. what’s the difference between britney spears’ taint and civil war 6?

    people on the west coast aren’t like to see civil war 6 any time soon

    calling it

  6. i Feel like we should change the name of the site to iFredboy 😉

  7. because of the taint thing? i was pretty proud of that myself

  8. I, unlike jack kirby for the cover of ff 236, would not object

    see I can go old school and obscure as well

  9. I would’ve loved the music section had it not been about the bands it was about. Mates of State? Belle & Sebastian? The Decemberists? Good god man. I don’t think I’d have been annoyed by this if it were one of those bands, but to recommend all three out of a list of 4 or whatever? Put down the Gen 13. There were hundreds of releases this year that didn’t have to borrow half a ball from Chuck Norris. Mogwai, Envy, Man Man… I’ll even take that Isobel Campbell/Mark Lanegan disc as a compromise. Just no moe of that twee-pop or
    Good for you guys to recognize The Wire, but I have to say that I gave up on The Sopranos the season before last. The decline there was just awful and I feel like it’s turning me into a misogynist on account of my wanting half the female characters on the show to be killed. Or at least Meadow and Janice. Those two irk the shit out of me. Also kinda shocked you didn’t mention the death knell of Arrested Development this year.
    Listen, I could nitpick for hours on the TV/Music/Movies favorites, but I really just wanted to thank you for putting on such a good show and helping me pick gifts for others (Pride of Baghdad, American Born Chinese) and myself (Invincible – I had it bad enough with The Walking Dead. Thanks, ya dicks). Anyway, keep up the great work and I’ll keep listening. I’m really, really trying not to have to go through Gotham Central, but I’ll assuredly blame you guys when I start dropping all my cash on those TPBs.

    Also, Are you guys just not feeling Fell or is it the production schedule? I’d say it’s the book that I look forward to the most, along with Powers, X-Factor, and maybe Desolation Jones.

  10. Also, Are you guys just not feeling Fell or is it the production schedule? I’d say it’s the book that I look forward to the most, along with Powers, X-Factor, and maybe Desolation Jones.

    We all really like Fell, but I couldn’t tell you the last time it came out. In fact, until you mentioned it I had completely forgotten about it.

  11. It’s about 0% likely that we’ll make people happy with music. We accept that. Me, I’m just not cool, or don’t care. I can’t figure out which.

    I would rave about Fell, if it came out.

  12. What’s the difference between Britney Spear’s c-section scar and Jim Lee?

    About one-and-a-half inches.

  13. What’s the difference between Britney Spear’s c-section scar and Jim Lee?

    Britney Spears c-section scar showed up within 9 months of its announced arrival

  14. What’s the difference between Britney Spear’s c-section scar and Humberto Ramos’ art?

    One makes realistic characters look more cartoony and one makes cartoony characters more realistic

    What’s the difference between Jim Lee and Danny Devito on the View?

    8 shots and 16 inches

  15. last one
    what do britney spears’ taint and rob leifeld’s pencils have in common?

    they both make me violently ill

  16. What the hell? These are the weirdest coments ever……… I had a great comparison to Britney Spears and CW Frontlines but I think I’d rather not go there

  17. Yeah, I think it’s best to let it die now.

  18. For ipTV in 2006, not a single show even held a candle to the 1up Show for 1up.com, their ad said it best “The 1up Show has more videogame content in a half hour than G4TV has in a whole week!”

    And the iFanboys have awesome musical tastes! I realy can’t say that I have any tastes of my own and thanks to the P.O.W. podcasts, I have a new song to dowmload every week!

  19. I really really love this song

  20. Coalesce just recorded. I’m very excited.
    This is a good week for me.

  21. I love you people but Mates of State is… not good.

  22. ummm yeah yall should stay away from the music podcast. Top Cds in 06 for me were the Hold Steady-boys and girls in America and Fucked Up- hidden worlds. Check em out.

  23. Fucked Up rules – they’ve almost been the intro music about 3 or 4 times..maybe in 2007…

  24. I completly agree with k-dizzle especially on the hold seady

  25. Any Day in June’s red album was pretty good too, if you like somber dance-pop and you can download it for free off his site for free to see if you like it

  26. I have the Hold Steady, but I haven’t been able to get into it.

  27. My wife hates the hold steady I think it’s an aquired taste. Greg Finn sounds like randy newman on heroin to me! I also fell in love with Art Brut this year. Maybe too English for most Americans that dont like the Fall.

  28. I enjoyed this weeks podcast. I can’t help but agree with you guys about how disappointed I am with Jim Lee’s performance this year. At this point I think it would be useless to continue the All Star Batman run. It is sad though because the run started with so much potential. Fortunately though we still have All Star Superman which may yet finish it 12 issue run.

  29. I totally agree with the Decemberist’s “The Crane Wife” and Mates of State. For those who don’t know Mates, I hightly reccommend their older album “Our Constant Concern” it’s definetly the best.

    Ron, I have to check out Blow and I love you but I’ve Chosen Darkness. I’m into just about everything that you are and I’m very interested in these two.

  30. Wow, I’m white, in college and male. Call the High Evolutionary, I am the perfect embodiment of the stereotype, because I love nearly all those bands.

    I’ll admit, though, The Crane Wife I hated initially. I think because it didn’t sound exactly like Picaresque, and the only thing I didn’t like about THAT album was that it was way too short.

  31. I can’t handle greg finn

  32. Where the hell is the R&b and Gospel albums people? They had great albums like Indie Arie,Fred Hammond,John Legend.

  33. Brubaker’s run already surpassed Bendis on DD.

  34. Yeah, we get it…other people like different music than we do. It’s a big internet, feel free to make your opinions heard.

  35. Indy music is cool but are you going to spice it up a bit this year?

  36. We play music we like and listen to. We probably won’t ever use music we don’t normally listen to. So no, probably not.

  37. atleast consider giving some of the music a try.

  38. Greg Finn sounds like randy newman on heroin to me!
    Is that what it is about him that catches me as a little off? The Hold Steady was ALRIGHT, nothing life changing like everyone made it out to be. I thought I was gonna be eating with my ass/shitting with my mouth after listening to it. Not quite THAT good.

    For me, music this year consisted of:
    A Change of Pace – A Change of Pace
    Senses Fail – Srill Searching
    Taking Back Sunday – Louder Now
    Say Anything – …Is a Real Boy
    Saves the Day – Sound the Alarm
    Reel Big Fish – My Live Album is Beter than Your Live Album
    Punchline – 37 Everywhere
    Paul Gilbert – Get Out of My Yard
    Motion City Soundtrack – Commit This to Memory
    Head Automatica – Propoganda
    Halifax – The Inevitability of a Strange World
    Tenacious D – The Pick of Destiny
    Gnarls Barkley – St. Elsewhere
    E-40 – My Ghetto Report Card (I may be white but damnit if I don’t love gettin HYPHY!)

    Yea, I’m pretty much a pussy when it comes to music.

  39. Love the show, love the year end shows. I got bone to pick with my fellow fanboys.


    Not every movie is going to be a Spider-man or a Sin City or a V for Vendetta. Fantastic Four had it’s problems (and Jessica Alba in tight spandex and frilly underwear was not one of them) but is wasn’t like the movie was Catwoman (GOD HELP US) or Electra. While I absolutely agree about the crappy Dr. Doom, the movie was essentially a B-Movie and really did not rise above that. I do not believe it meant to. Okay, maybe Jessica Alba as a scientist is a stretch (can’t anyone put real “science dialogue” in the mouth of the eye candy so we can at least try to buy her as a scientist. Case in point: Heather Graham in Lost in Space – the movie did stink but if you watch it just for her dialogue when she said “scientist” she at least had dialogue that backed it up, unlike Denise Richards in James Bond and others.

    When I realize a movie is “B” I do simply math, does the good outweight the bad? For me at least, the good out weighed the bad which is why I enjoy the FF for what it is.

    And really, what did you want the bloody thing to look like. He only works in comics. No matter how you try there is no way to make him look as good as they draw him. FF is a movie that should be enjoyed for what is was not for what fanboys hope it would be.

    Okay, whiney fanboy rant over. . .

  40. Ron liked FF. I watched it on DVD one night while eating chinese food. It was even a little better than I expected. Johnny Storm was perfect. I think Conor is ambivalent. But I have no need to see it again.

    When did we get on their backs anyway?

  41. Oh the Thing could look a lot better. Look at the visuals in the Incredibles. I know, I know, enough already….

    Any way the Silver Surfer looks freaking great in the preview for the next one.

  42. I didnt like all the n word dialogue in the Departed.

  43. I thought the music picks were a highlight, and I acually ended up downloading Regina Spektor.

    Have you heard the Annuals? Spencer, who posts here sometimes, turned me on to them and I thought Be He Me was awesome.

  44. Am I the only one who’s Year End Review pt. 2 cut off at the 32:56 mark?

  45. I download a copy through itunes automatically, and when I checked it, it was fine. Try redownloading it from the site directly. We haven’t heard about anyone else having a problem.

  46. Actually, my copy [of episode 61b, part 2 of the year-end wrap-up] downloaded only partially from iTunes and cutoff around 3 minutes. I tried downloading directly from this site and had the same problem. I thought my near-constant BitTorrenting might be causing an issue, but I haven’t been sure. Any thoughts?

  47. Any thoughts?

    See the newest post right up top of the page. Our host service is having issues. It’s hit or miss whether you get a full or partial download. It’s being worked on.

  48. It’s totally downloading now! I’m freakin’ ecstatic over here.

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