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Pick of the Week #46 – The Cross Bronx #1

Show Notes

A very busy weekend at iFanboy gives you our latest podcast…

Running Time: 00:59:41

Pick of the Week:
00:01:48 – Ron takes a drive down this week’s Pick, The Cross Bronx #1!

00:13:46 – Noble Causes #23 is so bad that Ron is thinking about dropping the book.
00:16:33 – Conor loves Scarlett: Declassified so much he might just marry it.
00:18:13 – Josh and Conor take Ron out to the woodshed for panning Detective Comics #823.
00:20:09 – Bruce Jones’ reign of terror on Nightwing is finally over!
00:24:03 – Josh tries to talk about Y: The Last Man without spoiling it for Ron and Conor.
00:26:24 – Marvel Team-Up #24 befuddles Ron and Josh.

Trade Talk:
00:28:23 – Josh loves the Marvel Zombies hardcover!
00:30:06 – Ron has finally read Scott Pilgrim, Vol. 1: Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Life.
00:34:29 – Top Ten: The 49ers blows Josh’s socks off. Metaphorically.

00:36:53 – Jennifer from Gaithersburg, Maryland has the final word on the Manga debate.
00:39:50 – Doug wants to know which webcomics iFanboy likes.
00:42:56 – Kwilli read Grant Morrisons’s JLA and doesn’t get it.
00:44:57 – Kevin shares his thoughts on Runaways.
00:46:25 – We address peoples’ complaints about production quality.

00:47:56 – BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! Josh is moving to New York City this week!

00:49:14 – Dan from Greenwood, Idaho wants to know which comic pros are overrated and which crime books we recommend.
00:51:57 – Gaumer from Nashville, Tennessee speculates that Siryn of X-Factor would be a (dangerous) screamer in bed.
00:53:03 – Darrel from Queens, New York throws down the gauntlet on Jimski.

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