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Pick of the Week #7 – X-Factor #1

Show Notes

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Running Time: 00:45:28

Pick of the Week:
00:01:13 – X-Factor #1

00:18:41 – Marvel Knights: Spider-Man #21
00:19:25 – Secret War #5
00:20:03 – Great Lakes Avengers Christmas Special #1
00:21:35 – What If… Wolverine was Public Enemy Number One?

Movie Talk:
00:23:03 – Conor saw Fantastic Four.

00:26:28 – Clive from England is going to be visiting New York and wants to know which comic book store(s) to visit and needs a recommendation for a new comic book series.
00:31:04 – Carlos takes issue with Ron’s comment on a previous show about there being few good writers in comics these days.

00:34:43 – Josh, despite being a huge fan of Alex Robinson, had no idea his new book Tricked was published six months ago.
00:41:58 – V For Vendetta trailer is out.

“Just Like Christmas”


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  1. Ah, Daniel Robert Epstein….

    He used to write stuff for us, for about a week or two, then he went out and scored interviews with everyone who ever did anything ever.

    It’s funny, when I interviewed Robinson 3-4 years ago, he sounded much less…uh, skeptical. Is it just me, or does he seem very negative? Anyway, it makes me more interested to read Tricked.

  2. He just liked you more than he likes Epstein. Where is your review?

  3. I mean interview.

  4. we’re digging up the interview for re-posting – look for it in the next week or so

  5. I remember Penny-Arcade now. they got hit with a katamari once.

  6. i think peter davids work on the hulk back in the 90’s was some of his best. Much better than x-factor… that wasn’t very good and the art was horrific.

    i will check out this new x-factor though, even though i missed the maddox mini. sucker for the X.
    why though did they have to go and do the house of M thing…I?m starting to really dislike everything about it.
    richtor was awesome…this is why i hated morrisons run, because when he left there was so much of a mess to clean up. god knows Claremont should not be allowed anywhere near the clean up…but alas what are we to do…
    we just have to roll with the punches and accept we got screwed.

    And that jim hanleys universe by the empire state building…awful
    conor is right that if you have enough time to wander around for awhile it’s okay. Everything was all over the place…i couldn’t find anything.
    they were missing a bunch of stuff i wanted too.

  7. You’re crazy. Larry Stroman rules.

  8. didn’t he do some “alien nation” book before his run on x-factor?

    i thought his work on that was okay

    something just didn’t click on x-factor, and i stopped buying… got most of them out of the quarter bin at Cons later on…

  9. Is Peter David’s HULK run in trades? I’d love to read it.

  10. you might have to do some homework, but they’re out there:

    i just searched for “incredible hulk peter david” in Amazon. i dont know the order of the trades though…

  11. I had someone I barely know explain to me the whole gist of the ending of the David Hulk run the other day. I must say, I was quite interested.

  12. I remember the Ron Zimmerman crazy 20’s bootlegging issue of the punisher. I hate Ron Zimmerman

  13. That single issue did lasting damage to my love of the medium.

  14. melodrama alert

  15. You know what Ron? I quit! There! I quit.

    Melodrama?!?! I’ll show you melodrama!

  16. Drama Queen

  17. He wasn’t being melodramatic. That issue left me feeling violated in the worst way. I had to go to rape counseling. I don’t know why they laughed me out.

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