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Pick of the Week #6 – Gotham Central #38

Show Notes

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Running Time: 00:50:13

Pick of the Week:
00:00:43 – Gotham Central #38

00:11:26 – Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #3 / Spider-Man and the Black Cat: The Evil that Men Do #4

00:17:32 – The current state of Marvel Comics.

00:33:38 – Ultimate Spider-Man #87
00:33:54 – Superman #224

Trade Talk:
00:35:52 – The Walking Dead, Vol. 4: The Heart’s Desire

00:41:09 – Penny Arcade #1×25 Cents



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  1. I just finished podcast #5. I SHALL NOW DOWNLOAD THE CURRENT ONE.


    When you guys say “store my comics here,”
    Where’s here?

    I too, am very excited about the Peter David X-Factor thing.


  2. I’m listening to #5 again to see what we mean by that.

  3. I believe you are referring to Ron’s comment, “My 26 longboxes are in storage because I don’t have enough room here.” He means in his house in Connecticut.

  4. So you guys tape in Connecticut, or over a conference call?
    You people have HOUSES? CRAZY

  5. Don’t want to give too many tricks of the trade away, but I’m in CT, Conor’s in Brooklyn and Josh is in LA and we record the podcast via the magical interweb.

    owning a house is indeed crazy

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who can’t wait for PAD’s X-Factor, did you read “Madrox”?

  6. I owned something once, but I had to sell it for food.

  7. I’m leasing my shoes.

  8. I read the first issue of Madrox and loved it and said to myself “I’ll wait for the trade,” and never gave it another thought.

    By the way, the only comic I read this week was the first Walking Dead trade and it was fantastic. I’ve just started the second one.

  9. Dude, totally go find the back issues of Madrox – I don’t know if Marvel deems it trade worthy or not – usually if they do, the trade is out the week after the last issue, and I don’t remember seeing it. Trust me, ottally worth it.

    Methinks I have to start reading the Walking Dead.

  10. Why was the Madrox series so good?

  11. It was just a good, fun read – detective story with a mutant twist – and its taken me a very long time to realize this, but PAD is a very good writer. Plus I really liked the art.

  12. Please refer to my review of issue #1:

    and no, i didn’t enjoy this because it was a rehash of the early 90s PAD run on X-Factor, rather it took a fave character of mine and explored him and took it in a new direction.

  13. I’m so proud of what you just wrote there.

  14. You’re not the only one.

  15. is this a “family matters” moment?

  16. Anybody got any cheeeeeeeese?

    I just listened to podcast #6.
    You guys and me, we’re in sync. I’ve been reading The Walking Dead all week and Conor brought it up. I haven’t gotten to trade #3 yet, though.
    I read trades 1 and 2 this week.
    In the second one, there’s the crazy farmer, he looks a little too much like our hero. I think his name is Rick. or Gus. I guess with book three everyone in the series will start to look like the cop.

    The first 4 trade was fantastic and McNiven rules. I was so bothered by his not being on the second trade that I never got it.

    Bring back Larry Stroman!

    I got this crazy new ipod like two days ago, and the IFANBOY podcast is the only thing that has given me the awesome little logo on the screen.

  17. Oh, and I didn’t know what Penny Arcade was until I heard this podcast. I do, however, know what PvP is.

  18. The farmer, the farmer’s son and the cop all look very similar now.

    I used to really like Larry Stroman. I was a big fan of the David/Stroman run on X-Factor.

    Listening to podcasts on my iPod whilst riding the subway into work is my new favorite thing.

  19. If you’re going to read Penny Arcade, and you should, you should read them from the beginning. Otherwise, there are a lot of jokes which don’t seem to make any sense.

    I love me some podcast listening.

  20. Dude, right from the start I was like “what the hell are they talking about?”

    I just play Halo and Grand Theft Auto occasionally, when I have a moment.

  21. oh, and Katamari

    I read Nothing Nice to Say almost every day, and I’m almost embarrassed to admit it, but I read Questionable Content almost every day too.

  22. I think the gaming content occasionally gets a bit deep, but usually the humor is broad enough that you can get the joke. If nothing else, the art is spectacular. At least it is now.

  23. Spectacular?

  24. So I should use short declarative words? “Good” “Interesting” “Neat” and modifiers like “really” and “very”?

    The art is wicked fuckin’ awesome.

  25. Nah, I just don’t think the art is that grat. The photoshop/coloring is, but not the art itself.

    Okay, I suppose it is all “art”, but you know what I mean.

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