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Pick of the Week #313 – Near Death #3

Show Notes

With no major releases from DC Comics, it might have been a light week for comics but Marvel Comics more than made up for it with some great books. And this week on the show, Josh Flanagan gets ganged up on by Ron Richards and Conor Kilpatrick… or does he?

Running Time: 01:00:42

Pick of the Week:
00:01:51 – Ron really loved the fast paced, one-and-done crime fun in this week’s Pick of the Week: Near Death #3.

00:09:47 – Kieron Gillen brings the fun in Uncanny X-Men #2.
00:12:52 – Everyone really enjoys the new direction that starts in Haunt #19.
00:18:02 – Red Skull #5 excellently wrapped up an excellent mini-series.
00:19:49 – Those darn kids! FF #12 was way more fun than anyone expected!
00:25:06 – No one can stop Josh from saying that Cobra #7 was so good.
00:26:20 – Pilot Season: Theory of Everything reminded Josh of early Hickman and Back to the Future.
00:27:43 – Ron and Josh are both fully on board after Spaceman #2.
00:29:03 – Conor and Ron can’t say enough good things about Wolverine #19.
00:30:51 – Who loved Thunderbolts #166? Josh and Ron, that’s who.
00:33:01 – Wait, what? The Infinite Horizon #6 is real???
00:33:58 – Jonathan Hickman was made to write Ultimate Comics The Ultimates #4.

User Reviews:
00:35:54 – The Top 5 Community Picks of the Week.
00:36:58 – ghostmann jumped on board and loved Daredevil #6.
00:39:37 – TRStrick is a huge Flash Gordon fan and loved Flash Gordon: Zeitgeist #1.

00:42:54 – Eli asks the desert island question: pick just one book from DC, Marvel, and Image!
00:46:08 – Shane from Texas thinks that Fantastic Four #600 was overpriced.

00:49:43 – Brian in San Antonio, TX was made to feel bad by a creator for buying digital comics.
00:53:10 – Anonymous wants to know what Barry Windsor-Smith has been up to.

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“Run Run Rudolph”
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  1. Hearing all the good things about Near Death makes me want to go back and buy the issues instead of waiting for the trade.

  2. That was the WORST intro music ever. I had to listen to Brian Setzer Orchestra “Jump Jive an’ Wail” to forget what I had just listened to. As for FF 600 being too $$$$ expansive ys it was. I preorder my comics to combat crazy Marvel & DC pricing plans. In NY they got the rent is too damn high party well comics are too high half of Marvel is over 3 dollars that is right I am calling you out & the same for JL, Action Comics, Man of War & All Stae Western to be fair. I got that issue of FF by preordering it at half the cost $4.00 is a lot easier to manage from a online retailer.

    I will make a deal w/ you ifanboy quit complaining about voicemails that runs over 30 seconds & spoilers. Just have a prerecorded intro between the intro music & the start of the podcast so you don’t have yammer on it for 45 seconds every podcast. I hope that suggestion helps & Merry Christmas.


  3. Great show guys. Hey Conor – I really liked those “It came from the Vault” video segments… any chance of doing another in 2012?

  4. This was SUCH a fun show. I actually had to pause so my roommate and I could laugh six or seven times. Also, Shane from Texas, if you read this — Fantastic Four #600 really, really was worth it.

  5. Looking forward to the new series “Writing Hard with Conor Kilpatrick.”

  6. Youse guys made me laugh a lot more than usual this episode. Well done.

  7. Was that Dirk Diggler on the podcast?

    That movie is beyond any words I have to tell you how much I love that movie.

  8. as far as the creator giving the fan grief over buying digital. I’m seriously getting sick and tired of publishers and creators blaming their fans for all of the industries internal problems and for buying their work “the wrong way”. Seriously, that guy bought that creator’s book, and loved it, and thats not good enough? Thats just ungrateful stupidity.

    Josh is totally right…if that sale “doesn’t count” then don’t offer it. The only thing a consumer needs to worry about is buying the books they enjoy when and how they want. Figure out your business stuff internally.

    Sorry for the snark, but i’m just seeing so much more customer blame lately on the interwebs. its really aggravating and its pushing me away.

  9. I think i like when it’s a little week, funniest show for me yet. everything from comics, fighting, and lube. thanks guys great show.

  10. Connor-point (counter-point)

    • Hey, guys, what do you mean by Pre-Ordering exactly?

      My LCS emails me a week prior with a list of confirmed titles that will be shipping, I reply with the books I want to reserve. Is that pre-ordering?

    • Pre-ordering is going through Previews 3 months before shipping so your retailer can make sure he orders the books you want. In smaller markets, it’s often the only way to be sure that lower and mid-list titles get into your hands. It requires a very pro-active consumer, and most of the indie market lives and dies by it. Otherwise, it’s just your retailer guessing what will sell, and him taking a risk on it, because it’s all non-returnable.

  11. you guys completely made my day with the “wha’ happen?” my wife and i have been obsessed with that phrase ever since the movie came out. good to know we’re not alone.

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