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Pick of the Week #4 – Daredevil #79

Show Notes

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Running Time: 00:21:38

Pick of the Week:
00:00:27 – Daredevil #79

00:10:46 – The Amazing Spider-Man #526
00:13:11 – Ultimate X-Men #65 / Ultimate Vision, Part Two
00:14:27 – Seven Soldiers: Frankenstein #1
00:17:14 – Daredevil #79 (Redux)

Trade Talk:
00:18:03 – Y: The Last Man, Vol. 6: Girl on Girl

“She’s Lost Control”
Joy Division


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  1. Daredevil really, really rules.

  2. So does turkey.

    And pie.

  3. Hi guys! Hope thanksgiving was good. I can’t get the daredevil podcast to work… when i click on the hyperlink it takes me to the Superman podcast. Or did you all eat too much on thursday and couldn’t face talking on Friday?

  4. While this downloads I feel the need to tell all of you that I just read Powers #12 (The ANNIVERSARY ISSUE) and it was fantastic. I mean, really. wowoweewaa. They had Patton Oswalt and Brian Posehn answer the letters page.

    Also, the new daredevil was killer. KILLER. I LOVE THIS BOOK.

  5. Laura – the link is fixed – sorry about that, had a misplaced “4” in there.

    thanks for bringining it to our attention.

    We do recommend using iTunes or ODEO though for the easiest method of getting the podcast.

  6. I see Brian Posehn all the time. At comic stores, movies, cons….and I have for years, before I knew his name. It was just that guy who was in the background on Mr. Show.

    He’s a big big fanboy.

  7. I swear, I’ll catch up on these. They’re all downloaded, just haven’t had time to sit and giggle.

  8. I’ve seen Brian Posehn at every San Diego Con I’ve been to.

  9. That one issue of Daredevil Bullseye: Target was awful. There’s a sequence in that book where daredevil actually punches a punching bag with Bullseye’s photo on it. HE’S BLIND. DAREDEVIL IS BLIND. HE DOESN’T PUT PHOTOS OF PEOPLE ON PUNCHING BAGS.

  10. Funniest post of the week.

    I also liked in that issue how Bullseye killed someone from across the street with a toothpick. Sure, he might be accurate, but not even he can alter the laws of physics to make the toothpick travel that far with any sort of force.

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