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Pick of the Week #3 – All-Star Superman #1

Show Notes

It’s Conor’s turn to pick this week and he goes with All-Star Superman #1 from DC Comics. The mythos of Superman as corporate mascot is explored and we find out who the real fanboy of the group is. Plus, ack — stereo sound!

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Running Time: 00:41:10

Pick of the Week:
00:00:48 – All-Star Superman #1

00:23:07 – Captain Atom: Armageddon #2
00:24:36 – X-Men: Deadly Genesis #1
00:28:13 – Ultimate Spider-Man #86 / Ultimate Vision, Part One
00:34:46 – Local #1

00:36:36 – Josh didn’t buy any books this week.
00:38:58 – The Lego TIE Fighter Incident

“Major Taylor”



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  1. Harry Potter wasn’t that good.

  2. I didn’t see it. Then again, I didn’t see the last one until it was on HBO.

  3. Harry Potter was good.

    I thought it was very good. The best of the lot.

  4. It wasn’t that good.
    It was really rushed.
    Cedric Diggory really ruled.

    I’m finally downloading this now. I’m going to buy that superman book and read it before listening to it JUST SO I CAN PARTICIPATE IN MY HEAD.

    PS. I heard the last one today. It ruled.

  5. We’ll have to agree to disagree I suppose.

    Thanks much for the compliment. Be prepared for us to drop the ball sometime soon. I know I am.

  6. in retrospect, that last comment sounds much more negative than I’d intended. It was supposed to be funny you see, perhaps a bit self effacing. Instead, I sound like Marvin the paranoid android.

  7. Sorry to jump in a little late…. but I have to back Josh up on Harry Potter.

    I didn’t think it was rushed at all. After all, who wants to be sitting in their seat at the cinema for longer than 2 and a half hours?

    I know people complain that they don’t stick to the original text enough but hey – JK could do with editing a whole lot of crap out of her ever-increasing-in-length books. The magic of film makes that happen and do we feel the loss of the Dursleys et al who have been left on the cutting room floor? I certainly don’t. Anyway, Cedric was well cast but I would rather hear praise for original cast who get better with every film. (with the exception of Dumbledore who was portrayed incorrectly in this film) However, bravo all round I say.

    Apologies for the ranting film chat on this comic-book-based-site. On that note, just listened to the podcast. Hilarious and informative to my novice ears. Well done guys!

  8. I heard podcast three today. one of you has a green lantern tattoo.

    Don’t give him a prequel figure. As pretty as they are, they suck.

    The volumes of the different voices sounded really wierd coming out of the car this time.

    I think that josh said he wanted book recommendations. the book that I buy every month that never ever fails me is Ex Machina.

    Also, the Mike Allred SOLO book from DC ruled.

  9. Dumbledore portrayed incorrectly? You mean when he loses his cool with Harry? I agree.

  10. Dude –

    Josh has the green lantern tattoo and I’m the one who’s getting the prequel lego ship – *sigh* – hehe

    The voices was due to a glitch that put me in the left channel and Conor and Josh in the right channel – I figured it out and the next one will be fixed – I promise.

    I think everyone is in agreement that Ex Machina is a great book. I dunno how/why its slipped through the POW cracks for so long though.

    SOLO by Allred? I didn’t even know it was out – I love Allred (despite his “no sketches” rule at San Diego), I’ll look for it tomorrow!

  11. You used to be able to see Josh’s tattoo… back when we had profiles and pictures up on the site.

  12. I’ll do something about that when I get home.

    I have read every issue of Ex Machina, and agreen entirely. It’s excellent, and one of the bright spots on my list.

    We’ve picked it before:


    and it was Conor not me what did it.

    Cheers Laura!

  13. #3?!

    Usually I allow my issues of Powers to pile up at the comic shop and then I buy them all and read them all at once. I just finished #11, and it was awesome.

  14. sounds like you and Josh have a lot in common 🙂

  15. I think that we should have a picture of Josh’s tattoo 😉

    And yes – i did mean Dumbledore shaking Harry and generally being way too grumpy and scared throughout the film which he isn’t in the book.

  16. Damn straight.

  17. Here you go. Not a recent picture, but it’s the only one I have. Obviously, now I’m about 70 lbs heavier, and I live as a woman.


  18. I just watched the The Comedians of Comedy: The Movie off of Netflix and there’s a whole part of the film dedicated to Patton and Brian’s comic shopping experience. Then they compare books. They kept calling Ex Machina “Ex Masheena” which absolutely killed me.

  19. You weren’t kiddin’ about Green Lantern…

  20. speaking of Green Lantern…


  21. wow.

  22. Hahaha

  23. I’d like to point out that my teeth are not in fact the teeth of the undead.

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