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Pick of the Week #260 – American Vampire #8

Show Notes

With Ron Richards mysteriously disappearing, iFanboy staff writer Paul Montgomery steps up to join Conor Kilpatrick and Josh Flanagan to talk about the week that was in comics. Plus! A discussion of the new issue of G.I. Joe devolves into a quick rundown of the shows on The Hub. Also! Paul reveals his heretofore hidden talents as a hypeman. And a bizarre accent.

Running Time: 01:00:00

Pick of the Week:
00:02:12 – Josh’s Pick of the Week, American Vampire #8, was text book comic booking.

00:09:28 – Batman: Return of Bruce Wayne #6 offered a very satisfying ending.
00:13:13 – Lots of unexpected family dynamics in Chew #15.
00:15:16 – Was the new art in Batgirl #15 too jarring?
00:18:08 – A “new” era begins with The Amazing Spider-Man #648.
00:21:14 – Break out your umbrellas, Josh and Paul are gonna gush over Hellblazer: City of Demons #3.
00:25:45 – Has Thanos: Imperative #6 ended the current Marvel cosmic era?
00:29:08 – Knight and Squire #2? Delightfully English.
00:30:58 – Ryan Stegman’s art really impressed in She-Hulks #1.
00:32:45 – Paul makes a compelling case for T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents #1.
00:35:03 – Conor says that Red Robin #17 was the best of the Batbooks.

User Reviews:
00:37:08 – Zombox says Ultimate Thor #2 is a must-read for Thor fans.
00:39:39 – WilliamKScurryJr enjoyed G.I. Joe: Origins #21 as much as Josh and Conor did.

00:45:23 – John says that mechanical web-shooters pull him out of the story.
00:48:22 – Zac is looking to read Vertigo titles.

00:51:40 – Dave from Texas wants to read some of Jonathan Hickman’s Image stuff.

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“Cum on Feel The Noize”
Quiet Riot



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  2. Did not see that twist coming from Ultimate Thor! Hickman is kickin ass at Marvel!

  3. Quiet Riot damn…I think i might have a GTA Vice City relapse now!
    Glad to hear some love for Hellblazer City of Demons.

  4. Nice episode, guys. Always nice when Paul wonders onto the podcast.

    I did notice that you forgot to mention SWEET TOOTH when you began listing every Vertigo book ever. Zac, check that one out too. And it’s early enough into the series that you can still jump on without too much catching up.

  5. Big time performance Paul and great show gentlemen.

  6. Seriously, Bruce hugged Tim? lame! 

  7. Darn You ITunes for not working. Always look forward to the show 🙂


  9. Always good to hear Paul on the show, BIG TIME! 

    And with that out of my system, glad to hear someone else was mildly confused by what the Hell happened to Bruce in the last Return of Bruce Wayne. I figured it out, eventually, but it took an extra read.

  10. loved the show, I’m honestly shocked that yall didn’t talk about this weeks issue of Witchblade. It had Michael Gaydos interiors and a well written story by Ron Marz

  11. @bigben2012: None of us read it in issues.

  12. Great episode guys. @edward Tim was the first one to believe that Bruce was alive and convinced others of this when all hope was against him. Bruce coming back proved he was right to hold onto that faith. Bruce seeing what Tim has evolved into, breaking out of the Robin persona and becoming a man while he was gone is why this moment hold such resonance. Bruce has shown this side of him before, but never to this extent. To me, and it may be just to me, this was a poignant moment because before this Batman was back but was Bruce Wayne?

  13. The return of Bruce Wayne was not about batman coming back.  It was about the title.  The return of Bruce Wayne.  The Batman persona is changed because he is allowing his Wayne side to take the driver’s seat… hence Bruce’s big announcement.
  14. A man hugging his son is never lame, if it’s sincere and this one felt sincere.

  15. That was a very poorly structured sentence.  Sorry about that.

  16. At least you didn’t write “Conner”.

  17. Great show, guys! Not to diss Paul, but why didn’t you guys get Mike Romo to co-host? I thought he was the straw that stirs the drink?? Damn, he’s just so unappreciated. How do you think he feels now that he realizes you guys had to get a fill-in, but you consciously decided NOT to ask him?

    Anyway, I enjoyed hearing praise for Ultimate Thor and Return of Bruce Wayne.

    I was on the fence about Ultimate Thor, but Pacheco stepped his game up. I didn’t expect to like this series more than the Fraction/Ferry Thor, but I definitely do.

    Glad to hear Josh liked Return of Bruce Wayne 6. If you just reread the issues, they make a lot more sense and you start to notice a ton of neat connections. Throughout the whole series, in almost every issue you have one person cursing someone, and another person wishing for help (which comes in the form of Bruce). You start to see recurring motifs and patterns like those, and the whole series becomes VERY impressive.

  18. Morris men is this strange english tradition going back to pagan times i think. they dress in white with funny hats and lots of bells and handkerchiefs and sticks and they dance and skip around. they’re mostly old men, and they turn up at village fetes and school fairs and that sort of thing and do jigs. they generally look pretty mad, but seem to take it really seriously. i think real ale drinking is an important part of the tradition too, which might account for its continued popularity. In fact the morrismen in my town get to elect a mayor for their street. i’m not sure what powers he has though. the’yre in no way politically motivated – they’re definitely not klans men as Paul seems to suggest!

  19. @froggulper: We would love to get Mike Romo to fill-in but he’s always at least a week behind on reading his books, which makes co-hosting a show about said books difficult.

    @GloriousGodfrey: Your explanation and Paul Cornell’s differs.

  20. Now I know how Josh feels. 🙁

  21. Right?

  22. wow, paul, how did you manage to capture my speaking voice so exactly from just a single contraction in an e-mail? ‘almost spit my mint julep across my sittin’ porch, over my bloodhound belvadere, and into the face of my cousin-daddy, cletus. i’d a never heared the end o’ that’n. 🙂

  23. Damn. You’re Scottish? Well I completely bungled that one. 

  24. Red Robin is by far the best bat book.


  25. @conor Ah, okay I kinda knew that and with it being a one shot and all I thought it might have been mentioned.

  26. @Josh – True. It could always be worse.

  27. i’m pretty sure a man hugging his son is always lame. 

    I mean, would you want your dad to hug you in front of your new workmates or classmates on the first day of a new job or at a new school? 

    No? Must be lame.

    BAM ! logic

  28. @edward Now I’m new around here, but I’m hoping that was sarcasm

  29. honestly, bigben2012, i can’t even tell anymore 

  30. I would be perfectly happy if Hank Pym abusing Janet Van Dyne was excised from Marvel continuity.

  31. @conor

    well, let’s face it i don’t really know what i’m talking about, that’s just my impression of them. What does Cornell say about them?

    I can definitely say they’re not in any way like klansmen, though.

  32. For the record, I didn’t know there was anything remotely sinister about Morris Men, and was of the same mind as GloriousGodfrey. However, I am willing to admit ignorance in the face of the great secret conspiracy that undermines all elements of British culture. (You don’t even wanna know what Marmite’s made of.)

  33. Paul was downright impish this eppy,. 

  34. @GhettoJourno


  35. Nice episode chaps. I might have to pick up Knight & Squire, it sounds quite crazy.

    I have to say, I’ve never thought of Morris Men as having something of The Klan about them. I suppose as an old English tradition (but not as old as they would have you believe), men who Morris might well hold traditional values that in some cases verge on the nationalistic. That being said I think it’s more about beards, real ale and waving a fertility stick about.

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