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Pick of the Week #1 – Powers #14

Show Notes

Welcome to the first ever iFanboy Pick of the Week show! For the past five years, every week we’ve been reading and reviewing comics and selecting one to award as our Pick of the Week. Now not only can you come read what we thought, but you can now download our podcast and listen to us talk about the books we read, discuss the Pick of the Week, and have some laughs.

If you have any questions, or comments or need help with subscribing or playing a podcast please email us at: contact@ifanboy.com

Running Time: 00:18:53

Pick of the Week:
00:00:53 – Powers #14

00:07:42 – Jonah Hex #1
00:09:58 – Powers #14 (Redux)
00:11:04 – The Punisher #27
00:11:50 – House of M #8

Trade Talk:
00:15:31 – Invincible, Vol. 5: The Facts of Life

“Back and To the Left”
Texas is The Reason


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Doing the podcast is fun and all, but let's be honest, listening to the 2 of us talk to each other can get repetitive, so we look to you, the iFanboy listeners to participate in the podcast! "How can I get in on the fun?" you may ask yourself, well here's how:

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  1. You guys are Texas is the Reason fans. Sometimes I forget that I found this site because of muddle.

  2. ps- that ruled

  3. that was AWSOME!!!
    how come no one told me…
    i’ll be tuning in, the show was really funny…

    laughing out loud at work…good stuff

  4. Thanks, guys. We’ve been discussing doing a podcast for a while now and it all came together rather quickly.

    If you’ve got and use iTunes, I’d recommend subscribing. That way you’ll automatically get the new broadcasts. If not, you can always check back here.

    And for the record – I’ve got a throat thing going on so I dont’ always sound like that.

  5. Good. I thought you were on speakerphone.

  6. Well, that’s probably a combination of my infection and the fact that my microphone sucks. I am going to upgrade soon.

  7. Thanks very much for the kind words.

    There shall be more.

  8. You guys rock. I put up a plug in my LJ, not that I’m nationally watched or anything. But, you know, I’ve been spreading the love of comics as far and wide as I can. *grins* You know, because there needs to be more female comic fans.

    And I did finally reach Mecca.

  9. I dont know what that asshole is talkin about i think it was pretty damn funny. However i do agree with his last comment, what isnt better with more Teagan?

  10. I’m pretty sure, brother or no, we just went international.

    And hey Toga, how the hell are you?!

  11. I am well! Well, as well as I ever am, I suppose. You’re all married! And going the gym….*is confused* How’s everyone?

  12. Whoa, whoa, whoa…

    We’re not ALL married!

  13. and you don’t go to the gym either…

  14. Yes, but I don’t need to.

    As much.

  15. ouch. now that’s just mean

  16. That’s not mean!

  17. Okay, you’re all not married. What’s been going on?

    I’m sort of out of the journalism thing. I ended taking over editting duties at the last place, reaching burn-out in record time. That, and a few James Marster’s stalkers wouldn’t stop harrassing me after I interviewed him.

    But I’m on my fourth novel, working hard to complete this one, as well as sending out short stories in hopes of getting paid. Rejection notices are a right of passage. Boy, do I know this right and I’m sick of this passage.

    My paycheck job is sweet – sole tech support of a small design center. It makes me happy.

    I went to Comic Con this year and saw many a great thing on the dealer’s floor. I have pictures somewhere.

    It makes my very happy that you guys are still here.

  18. Since you like myself are all well educated in teh feild of film. HAve you ever heard of a japanese actor named Eita he was ghost in the movie Blue Spring. HUge star in japan ive come to find out. Well thats who ive been spending many a nights with. maybe you know of him maybe not. either way its gettin me some play in japan land

  19. hey teagan…it’s a bit off topic.

    But, way to go.

  20. jsut tryin to keeo you on your toes

  21. Someone’s had too much saki…

  22. *chuckles* Or isn’t on friendly terms with the keyboard….or particularly caring how their words come across.

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