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Special Edition – Batman: Year One

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They might be down a man, but the iFanboy Animation Braintrust has reconvened to discuss the latest DC Universe Animated Original Movie, Batman: Year One. Was the Bruce Timm-lead adaptation of the Frank Miller/David Mazzucchelli classic the best adaptation yet? Conor Kilpatrick, Paul Montgomery, and Ryan Haupt have some thoughts. Also! The Showcase Shorts return with the Paul Dini written Catwoman. Plus! What to make of the next film, Justice League: Doom, and the possibilities of seeing an animated version of Batman: The Dark Knight Returns!

Running Time: 00:30:05

“New Kid in Town”
The Eagles


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  1. I thought the film was fairly flawless as an adaptation and the Catwoman short was cool, look forward to hearing your reviews

  2. Um, I’m not seeing the player…

  3. i was a little bored during the film. What is it with these DC movie voice directors but they suck the life out of the actors. Bryan Cranston’s delivery was completely bland. It was pretty awesome seeing some of the Btaman: Year One scenes played out though

  4. yeah me either. clicking the ‘x’ just makes an eternally spinning logo appear. teases!

  5. Bryan Cranston read it exactly as I read Gordon in the book. In fact I think everyone did. It was pretty much my interpretation of the book bought to life.

  6. 1. Tie: Year One and Under the Red Hood
    2. Apocalypse
    3. Wonder Woman
    4. Crisis on Two Earths

    Last: Tie: Death of Superman and Gotham Knights

  7. I enjoyed the movie – definitely one of the best so far, but did anyone else get taken out of the moment when the first line of the movie was said by the voice actor playing Wayne? He had some weird pauses in that a number of other lines that reminded me of William Shatner’s strange cadence.

  8. Half the reason I look forward to these films is for these podcasts, so thanks for doing them guys!

    I reread Year One a couple of months ago in anticipation of this, this was certainly one of the films I was most looking forward to. I found it interesting that I noticed some of the internal captions were missing from the film (although obviously a fair amount are kept in.) I think it was absolutely the right choice to cut some though, as y’all say, sometimes Miller’s writing doesn’t work well out loud.

    As much as I love Gary Oldman, this really made me want Cranston as a live action Gordon. I’ll even settle for more Cranston-as-Gordon in the animated features, although I doubt there’ll be much opportunity for another Gordon-heavy story in the near future.

    This wasn’t the best of these, but it was certainly up there. Loved it.

  9. Did anyone find it funny how they didn’t shy away from any of the prostitution elements of the story but did take out all the smoking. It took out one of my favorite moments of the book, when Gordon says he can taste Essen’s lipstick on his cigarette. It also affected the way I read Gordon, which I always hear him with a bit of a smokers voice and Cranston’s voice, to me, is a little to clear. Other than that, this was great.

  10. No mention of Katee Sackhoff?

    I’d like to have her lisptick on my cigarette.

  11. Nice discussion. I Liked the film except for some of the inner monologue.

  12. No player, do we have to download these from now on?

  13. I like it, but it was weird to know every dialogue.
    Great song election for the podcast

  14. Is anyone else still getting the grey box with an X in, rather than the player? What am I doing wrong?

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