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Pick of the Week #153 – Top Ten: Season 2 #1

Show Notes

An odd week of comics leads the iFanboys down some strange roads.

Running Time: 00:55:05

Pick of the Week:
00:01:31 – With not a lot of competition, Top Ten: Season 2 #1 took Pick of the Week honors.

00:11:44 – Josh is surprised to find that he had no trouble with Batman #680.
00:15:56 – Ron and Josh dug the dragon action in Four Eyes #1.
00:19:35 – Supergirl #34 impressed Conor.
00:22:12 – Conor and Josh are split on Jonah Hex #36. Sort of.
00:26:23 – Josh loved House of Mystery #6. Conor makes a confession.
00:28:01 – Jonathan Hickman and Red Mass for Mars #2 make a good case for waiting for the trade.
00:30:28 – Justice League of America #25 leads to a discussion about the sorry state of DC’s flagship book.
00:34:49 – NEWSFLASH! Ron liked Savage Dragon #138.

User Reviews:
00:36:24 – astyak read No Heroes #1 and wants no more to do with the series.
00:37:48 – NealAppeal convinces Josh to try Punisher War Journal #24.

00:39:57 – Woody from Cincinnati, OH wants to know how many people are out there reading comics.
00:43:08 – Luke from Denver, CO asks about Ex Machina.

00:45:57 – Jeff from Texas wants to know about musicians appearing in comics.
00:47:55 – Mike from New Jersey needs advice on dropping a book.

“Way Down in the Hole”
Steve Earle



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  1. Woo the Wire!

  2. I’d really like to see Peter Tomasi writing JLA

  3. "Ya got ta keep the devil, way down in the hoooole!"

  4. Wow. I did not read a single book discussed this week.

    Hooray! Nothing will be spoiled, and I may be turned on to something new!

    See, ya crybabies? That’s called a positive attitude.

    (i kid)

  5. Am I the only DC fan who really doesn’t like Tomasi?  What’s the magic key to enjoying this guy’s work that I can’t seem to turn?  

    I’m not being facetious, a lot of people with whom I share a lot of similar tastes (even on really random, oddball stuff) enjoy this guy, and I can’t see why.  This is sort of a problem for me, I like the characters in the books he writes, but I just don’t think he’s even a passable writer.  


  6. @AMuldowey: Have you read his Black Adam miniseries? I could understand why you may not care for some of his other stuff, but I just couldn’t imagine anyone not liking that mini.

     That said, sometimes certain writers, no matter how unanimously liked, may just not do anything for you.

  7. I actually did, and I enjoyed the heck out of it!  This is why I’m so frustrated!

    For some reason with both Green Lantern Corps and Nightwing, it feels like a completely different writer to me.  I’m really pretty flustergated.  

  8. Just re-read the previous issue dammit!

  9. That’s easy to say with three books on your pull list.

  10. Thanks for the inclusion of the review! Love that you paid attention to it. You did get it wrong on Black Summer shipping on time. By my count it took 14 months to do 8 issues. with a five month delay between 5 and 6. Accoriding to Comic Book DB  Black Summer shipped:

    0 May 07
    1 July 07
    2 August 07
    3 September 07
    4 November 07
    5 January 08
    6 January 08
    7 July 08

    Thanks again for covering the review.

  11. "That’s easy to say with three books on your pull list."

    It’s one issue you had to re-read!


  12. Jezebel Jet is black? I just thought she was a model with bronzer. I don’t think ‘d have noticed Lily in Spider-Man was African-American, either, had they not introduced her father.

    Regarding the Supergirl chat, do we know she’s going to be working at the Planet, as was said? I know Lana is, but Linda? Maybe I missed an interview.

  13. @Mart –  You’re right, I jumped the gun on that one.  I assume that’s wherer she’s going to end up for maximum tension with Cat, but we don’t know yet.

  14. Jezebel Jet is black?????!!!!!!!!!

  15. They prefer "Darkly Toned"

  16. @chlop- Who is "they"?

  17. who do you think? disclaimer: it was a joke made about political corectness that I couldn’t resist posting after seeing a few posts in iFanboy and ultimatehoratios post in this thread.

    It has nothing to do with the topic of the article. just couldn’t resist. it just sat there…

    If you didn’t understand: calling black people African-American to be politically correct makes me laugh.

    1: USA is only a part of America and just of north America.

    2. African – suggests slaves were taken just from africa and that’s stupid in my opinion. It also diminishes the phenomenon that slavery was in the US and limits it just to Africa.

    3. It also keeps a status of seperation between people.

    Anyhoo, I couldn’t resist this time. If anyone is offended… tough. No harm was meant. carry on…

  18. @chlop Political correctness my arse! 😉 I’m a sub editor, we get itchy if we use the same term twice in a row.

  19. @chlop – no offense taken, other than the use of the word "anyhoo", but it was good of you to clairify the conext, and all things PC great and small can, in the words of Josh, "Suck it!"

  20. Loved the intro song, although it made me sad The Wire is over.

    I want to address the question about defining comic book readers; I consider myself a comic book reader even though I stopped buying monthly books in the 90s and now get everything out of the library, or buy a collected edition if I really dig it.  I’m saving for grad school and can’t really afford to buy books every week.    

  21. I finally listened after a busy week, and I swear, if I have nightmares about mannequins tonight, it’s going to be all your fault.

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