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Pick of the Week #354 – Fury MAX #6

Show Notes

What does a yellow light mean? Ron is doing something with a bald man, and Paul Montgomery joins in to fill the void. There are many reasonable disagreements and quite a bit of mutual praise. We all like Preacher for example, which is perfect, given the Pick of the Week. Future episodes might have a lot of random typewriter noises, so enjoy this relatively quiet one while you can.

Running Time: 01:01:21

Pick of the Week:
00:02:06 – You’ve heard it before, and you might even hear it again, but Josh’s Pick of the Week, Fury MAX #6 is just that good.

00:11:16 – We finish up the month of DC #0 issues, and this week was… okay.
00:25:07 – Happy #1 is certainly a different direction for Grant Morrison.
00:27:14 – President Captain Steve Rogers in The Ultimates #16 is a bit of all right.
00:29:00 – Doop shows Jason Aaron’s range in Wolverine and The X-Men #17. Plus Mike Allred!
00:33:39 – Josh bought Dancer #5, which happened.
00:35:00 – It’s a merry band responsible for Skullkickers #18.
00:36:15 – It would be fair to say Paul was tickled with Popeye #5.
00:39:08 – Prophet #29 is more than just weird.
00:41:08 – Everyone’s on board for The Punisher #16, just in time for it to end.

User Reviews:
00:42:12 – The Top Five Community Picks of the Week.
00:43:00 – AndrewGabourey is not so into The Amazing Spider-Man #694.
00:43:51 – blkassassin106 is down with Winter Soldier #11.

00:47:49 – Drew wants to know how and if creators are compensated for their characters appearing in the movies.
00:51:01 – Anonymous wants to make comics, but he’s only 15 years old.

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  1. He is only 15 years old!

  2. Glad you read Drew’s email. Was wondering about that after listening to the latest Brubaker interview on Word Ballon, especially after his character Darwyn appeared in X Men: First Class. You guys have all the answers .Great stuff as always

  3. GREAT SONG! My two year listened to the podcast with me and said,”Dad, you like this song!”

  4. Grant Morrison not a “super-sweary” writer? Dude’s been writing superhero books for too long…

    Go back and look at The Invisibles or The Filth or Kill Your Boyfriend – Morrison could be just as foul as anyone who ever worked in comics.

  5. Any way that someone could confirm that Tim Drake is “Red Robin” so DC/Warner can protect the name from the Red Robin Restaurant chain?

  6. I did genuine Paul Weller Jam-jumps.

  7. Great show as always guys! I was glad to hear Popeye get some love. I totally agree with Paul, both the classic reprints and the new stuff by Langridge have been a wonderful addition to my stack.

    I’m trade waiting on Fury Max, but all the praise you guys have given it makes me want to read it now.

    Lastly, I made Winter Soldier my POTW, but I didn’t count for much percentage wise. Brubaker and Co. have been kicking ass on that title; I hope it stays good after Ed leaves, cause Bucky rules!

  8. what is the typewriter app discussed?

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