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Special Edition – Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part One

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It’s been three months since the iFanboy Animation Braintrust has been seen stalking the streets of iFanboy, and in that time their myth has only grown. Now, in the time of iFanboy’s greatest need, Conor Kilpatrick, Paul Montgomery, Ryan Haupt, and Chris Neseman have shaved their mustaches and returned to discuss the latest DC Universe Animated Original Movie, Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part One! How successful was Bruce Timm’s team in adapting the most influential, and perhaps most popular, Batman story of all time? And what are everyone’s feelings on the original comic book story itself? Plus! Looking forward to being terrified by Michael Emerson as The Joker in Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part Two!

Running Time: 00:45:00

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  1. “Conor Kilpatrick, Paul Montgomery, Ryan Haupt, and Paul Montgomery”?

    That Paul’s a busy podcaster!

  2. I never liked the book, i know everyone else does and I tried, I wish i could but I just dont. that being said I did enjoy this movie:)

    • But the movie is almost word for word with the book.

    • i realize that, yet still dont care for the book. it wasnt the story(except for the superman characterization). it was more just how it was paced, it felt slow to me. maybe seeing it in motion helped the enjoyment of it? I do want to give the book a second read because I am a more seasoned reader now. its possible I would enjoy it more…..again except for the superman part. I cant enjoy that version of him lol.

  3. Hey Paul

    You didn’t answer this on the podcast, but what is your favorite Batman story? Thanks!

  4. Would the Animated Brain Trust (or anyone else for that matter) have any clue as to when or if we will get Batman: The Animated Series on Blu-ray?

    Nice podcast by the way. Dark Knight Returns was also one of the first Batman stories I read (in 1988 at the age of 13). Before that I only knew Batman from Adam West and Super Friends. It is still my favorite Batman story.

  5. The last minute and a half is hilarious. Great review guys. Love it

  6. Saying its not your favorite batman story is just like saying you dont like breaking bad

  7. I don’t think I like the way Chris Neseman reviews movies. I know it is hard but you have to review what is on the screen and not what you hoped was on the screen. You have to divorce it from the source material as well. Watchmen the movie did not work for me. I found it slow, dull, and kind of boring for the most part regardless of source material. A lot of movies are almost to slavish to the source material.

    • I know what you’re trying to say…

      BUT. The reason they made this film is because of the source material. Same with Watchmen, Sin City etc.
      If you don’t want something to be judged against the source material it comes from, then you should do something original. If this was like BTAS which was all original and made for the small screen, you can do that. Not with DKR.

      Because this movie was based (and followed very closely) one of my favorite works of all-time, it would be impossible for me to review it on it’s own merits. I also think they dropped the ball terribly on some direction decisions and Weller’s voice acting was beyond bad.

      But it was fine.

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