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Pick of the Week #352 – The Rocketeer: Cargo of Doom #2

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Listen as Josh Flanagan’s cold goes from bad to worse as the episode progresses, but that doesn’t stop him! No! Josh waits patiently as Ron Richards overreacts to the events of Avengers vs. X-Men #11 and Conor Kilpatrick grows more and more impatient as the rant continues. But luckily, the purity and joy of The Rocketeer has come to save us all. Except Josh, who is dying. (Not really, it’s just a cold.)

Running Time: 01:00:00

Pick of the Week:
00:01:48 – Sometimes it takes a panel with dinosaurs with jetpacks to make the pick of the week. The Rocketeer: Cargo of Doom #2 was up to the challenge for Conor.

00:10:20 – Avengers vs. X-Men #11 takes the life of a major character and Ron’s not happy at all about what’s happening to his boy.
00:19:20 – With the last issue, James Robinson reminds us why he’s so brilliant when writing The Shade #12.
00:22:41 – A favorite returns with some rock-n-roll as Stumptown, Vol. 2 #1 has got Josh gushing over a guitar.
00:26:05 – DC Comics released another batch of zero issues, featuring Batman #0, Team 7 #0, and… Deathstroke #0?
00:31:05 – You may have strayed but Ron and Conor agree, Uncanny X-Force #31 brings back the magic.
00:32:46 – Looking for a good, fun, female fronted super hero book? Ron thinks you should give It-Girl #2 a try and get great Mike Norton art.
00:33:52 – Butch Guice is bringing some amazingness for Conor and Ron on Winter Soldier #10.
00:35:17 – Josh and Conor agree that Punk Rock Jesus #3 may be the best issue yet.
00:35:58 – It’s a return to form for Conor on Fantastic Four #610.

User Reviews:
00:36:55 – The Top Five Community Picks of the Week.
00:37:53 – AndrewGaboury projects a massive amount of love for The Manhattan Projects #6.
00:38:58 – TheBlueBadger has reached the end of his rope with Saucer Country #7.

Book of the Month:
00:42:50 – Conor educates us on the greatness of Carl Barks with Walt Disney’s Uncle Scrooge, Vol. 1: “Only a Poor Old Man”.

00:49:55 – Dee in Virgina wants to get onboard with Marvel NOW! but wants to know what is needed to be read?
00:51:32 – Ryan from Milwaukee is not happy with Avengers Arena.
00:54:10 – Lance in Texas is on a budget and deciding between issues and trades.

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  1. After hearing Ron being so pissed about Avengers vs. X-Men# 11 I would love to hear his reaction if Cyclops died in issue 12!

    • Wow. AvX #11…literally the rancid lid to go on top of the hot garbage that this series has been. Thank god for Remender. Sign me up for “Uncanny Secret Dark Avengers Force” or whatever it’s called when it comes out. Until then I’ll wait until Quesada & Co. are done relieving themselves on the good faith of readers. “Marvel NOW?” More like, “Marvel when I get around to it”…

  2. biased ron made me lol

  3. Cyclops must die!Just for Ron and probably for one of the most entertaining podcasts ever as Connor and Josh sits back and laughs with the rest of us!

  4. I gotta admit that I totally agree with Ron on his summation of AvX. I don’t know what it was that Cyclops has done that was so bad? From my recollection, any aggression he visited upon anyone was in self-defence. I’m not biased towards the X-Men or the Avengers as I’m more of a DC guy and my favourite Marvel character is Beast, who is both an Avenger and an X-Man. It just seems like Civil War all over again where characters’ personalities and motivations were ham-fistedly sacrificed to move the story in the direction Marvel wanted it to go rather than let it develop organically.

    (Actually, now that I think about it, I guess I am a little biased because I feel that Beast has been the voice of reason in his limited screen time during this “event”. He should totally be in charge post-AvX.)

    • He…! He made his body a condo for a monster that has killed billions of people, including his wife. When countless people said, “Hey, that thing has never not killed a planet,” he said, “Eh, I’ll house train it and get it to fetch my paper. I’m pretty strong-willed.” Then he took over the world without asking anyone.

      Other than that, though, yeah. Completely railroaded.

      Lock ‘im up and throw away the key!

    • I’m with Jimski. While Cyclops hasn’t actually committed any horrible acts while possessed by the Phoenix… he IS possessed by the Phoenix!

      And keep in mind, even though he has been a great hero and leader in the past, this is the Scott that has been becoming more and more hardline about saving the mutant race ever since Hope’s first appearance. He sanctioned a mutant death squad (the pre-Uncanny version of X-Force), created a sovereign territory for the remaining 200 mutants, sought the counsel known terrorists (Magneto and Namor don’t do much to dispel the “mutant menace”), and then formed a public team with those guys and some other really heavy hitters (and called it The Extinction Team, no less).

      And in the process, he’s almost systematically isolated himself from his closest, most moral associates (I’m thinking Beast and Xavier mostly, but Wolverine and Kitty’s departures post-Schism kind of work too).

      And finally, he did say “No More Avengers”. If I were an Avenger and a guy possessed by a destructive cosmic force said that to me, I’d probably feel a bit threatened.

    • Personally, I think Cyclops is kind of a dick. I think he is overly hard line about everything. I sided with Wolverine in Schism.

      With that said…Ron is right. Ron is 100% right. Cyclops with the Phoenix force has never done anything in any of the various tie-in issues or the main series itself that demonstrates any kind of “corruption.” All of the other Phoenix people have, though Emma’s negative actions were mild (destroying a “good” sentinel in Avengers Academy). Scott has done nothing.

      And Jimski, you’re right that the Phoenix Force is a huge destroyer thing, but as Rachel Summers points out in previous X-Men Legacy issues, SHE housed the Phoenix Force and used it without negative consequence of any kind. Seriously, her example basically counters any “Phoenix corrupts absolutely” argument anyone can make.

      I don’t like Cyclops, but I’m not going to condemn him for being a jerk when he hasn’t done anything Wrong (with a capital W and all). I think Superman’s a boring character as well AND could destroy the plant. Should we preemptively take him down? This is some Luthor based thinking here.

    • “Luthor based thinking” — brilliant, that captures it perfectly. I guess the resolution (and particularly the bridge to Uncanny Avengers) has the potential of back-tracking. Captain America can have a last minute “what are we doing?!” moment like he did in Civil War.

  5. I looked at the Marvel website and the issue 12 of Avx is next week?!So soon?I thought in 3 weeks.Rushing to conclude so they can jump into Marvel NOW I guess?

    • I think it’s still coming out on October 3rd, like it says on the last page of #11.

      The accuracy of solicitation info on Marvel.com is traditionally very, very erratic. For a while, it claimed Tim Bradstreet wrote about 80% of Marvel’s output.

  6. Uncle scrooge’s brand of Vaseline.

  7. You’re not alone Ron. They did gang-up on Cyclops. Shame on you Avengers.

  8. Scott Summer has been a jerk, not a monster, since Dark Phoenix Saga. Ask each of his wives that he cheated on. Oh wait you can’t as their both dead. He’s been making wrong decisions for decades. He is a battle commander not a king.

  9. Soooo…anyone notice a significant decline in Matthew Southworth’s art in the new issue of Stumptown? Flipping through the first hardcover, Southworth’s style was rough, but had a Michael Gaydos feel to it. The new issue of Stumptown is just rough and awkward to look at. And as a detail-oriented crime/thriller writer, how did Rucka let the last panel of the last page slip by? The rendering of that revolver was totally amateur hour. Nitpicky, I know, but after the first series these two put out, I came to expect a lot from the second series. The story was still engaging, but the art was lacking.

  10. Ron, my man, you totally hit it on the nail. Remember, the Avengers were after the X-Men even *before* Cyclops (et alia) became the Phoenix Force Five, based on a fear of the Phoenix. If you look at issue 1, you see that Cyclops and Captain America have fundamentally different views of the Phoenix. To Cyclops, it’s a force of rebirth, one that’s coming specifically for the mutant population (and one that’s singled out the mutant population in the past). To Captain America, phoenix is bad. No discussion. That first exchange between Cap and Cyclops really lays it all out.

    The problem with the story is that, reading the first issue sets up the Avengers as in the wrong. After the P5 came into power, all the negative action done by the P5 was in response to attacks by the Avengers (one could even argue that Namor’s attack on Wakanda was based on a doctrine of preemption – he *knows* they’re going to do something, might as well beat them to it). So at the level of story, what have they actually done, either prior to P5 or after P5, that should make the reader see them in the wrong?

    “The Phoenix is dangerous”
    answer: Cyclops has a different view of it, one that comes from a fundamentally mutant perspective. In addition, nothing has happened yet.

    “They put Avengers in a hell dimension”
    answer: in response to the Avenger’s attacking them, not something they did independently.

    I can go on…

  11. Ron you are right about viscosity. I hear a lot of people get this wrong all the time. Viscosity is the rate at which something flows. So water would have a high viscosity because it flows faster. Syrup would have a low viscosity. It flows slower.

  12. Groovy episode as per usual, dude-o’s!

    As for good DC colorists at DC, of course FCO of Invincible fame on Batman, Tomeu Morey on Catwoman, etc.

  13. So while I know for most people the big news this week was Professor X’s death. I literally said “Oh no, not Quartermain” out loud during the review of Winter Soldier #10, much to my girlfriend’s concern.

  14. Swear to God, I keep misreading the title as “Cargo Pants of Doom.”

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