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Pick of the Week #251 – Thor: The Mighty Avenger #4

Show Notes

Things kick off with an intervention after Conor Kilpatrick’s “performance” on the 250th episode, but the guys quickly work through their issues just in time to tackle even more issues, like a fear of the south, an appreciation for the movie Young Guns, and dealing with Dave Gibbons just not calling us to thank us. The nerve.

Running Time: 01:00:34

Pick of the Week:
00:02:43 – It was just a matter of time before Josh made Thor: The Mighty Avenger the Pick of the Week, and that time was this week.

00:12:15 – Finally we’re through the trainwreck of “One Moment In Time,” and get a double ship week and move on to The Amazing Spider-Man #642.
00:17:08 – The finale to a great mini-series, Daytripper #10, delivered an emotional gut punch, especially for Josh.
00:21:24 – Ron was excited for Billy the Kid’s Old Timey Oddities and the Ghastly Fiend of London #1, and boy, did it deliver.
00:24:49 – Darwyn Cooke and Dave Stewart make Weird War Tales an excellent read for Conor.
00:28:04 – It may have taken a while to come out, but the Frazer Irving art is worth it in Batman and Robin #14.
00:29:25 – You want action? Thanos Imperative #4 delivered the space action for Ron.
00:32:05 – Josh is loving the new direction in B.P.R.D.: Hell on Earth #2.
00:33:03 – Shadowland may be awful, but Ron’s got an interesting theory about the story in Daredevil #510.
00:34:56 – You know who’s killing it? Stuart Immonen in The New Avengers #4.
00:36:14 – The public cried that Batgirl #14 was a possible Pick of the Week, and Conor agreed.
00:38:15 – Surprisingly, Ron is joining the other guys in his enjoyment of The Sixth Gun #4.

User Reviews:
00:39:40 – odare77 is raving about American Vampire #6.
00:41:38 – WilliamKScurryJr is practicing what he preaches and gave Fear Agent #29 a shot.

00:43:52 – Dan from Baltimore, MD wants to know which creator we think is an up and comer.
00:45:33 – Gabe is curious what Josh wants from Brian K. Vaughan and if we’d wait years for art or not.

00:48:39 – Jimmy calls in to wonder why we don’t go to Dragon Con?

Giveaway Winners
00:55:04 – James Burton and Philip Scott won the TwoMorrows give away! Don’t miss all the other great giveaways!

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  1. Great show guys!

  2. Correctional footnote: Roger Langridge’s Muppet Show comes out through BOOM!

  3. DragonCon is better than San Diego!!!

  4. Great pick!  I’ve never been able to get into Thor solo stories (he’s fine in The Avengers) but this series has been an absolute blast.

  5. (for all those wondering about GotG and Nova) In Marvel Previews for November, "The Thanos Imperative" #6 has this printed over the cover art: "The stunning conclusion of the Marvel Cosmic Universe." Make of that what you will.

  6. That and we talked to Abnett and Lanning and they told us it was over after Thanos.

  7. Wow.  That was the best voicemail I have ever heard.

  8. ^^ i will cry myself to sleep tonight while cradling my nova hardcover

  9. Here’s my respond to your Daytripper comments – AAARRRGGGHHH!!!

  10. response

  11. Listening to that Thanos Imperative segment again, I love how Ron says he thinks Rocket Raccoon "delivers" his lines well. Splendid.

  12. I am really enjoying American Vampire, and I think Snyder is doing is homework. The FBI has been around since 1908, and the Hoover Dam was built between 1931-1936(WIKI). But great show, Thor was awesome, but Daytripper was the best this week, so you had that a little backwards. 🙂

  13. I might check out the hardcover of American Vampire coming out in October cause all that I’ve been hearing on this show was just how great its been, I’m very surprised it has not gotten POW with all of this praise.

  14. Did not see that voicemail coming. Hi-larious.

  15. I’d come to an iFanboy tea party and I’d love to see you all at Dragon*Con.

  16. Mason-Dixon line reference. Mark down this moment in iFanboy history.

  17. Forget Dragoncon. If you want a good mixed geek con Fanexpo is the way to go.  I know you guys have passports, come up to Canada!

  18. This is one of my favorite episodes in a while.

    And I think one of Connor’s best.

     Good insights- funnyt comments and right up until then end when the speech police pulled you over for swerving over the line

    you held it together pretty well

  19. I still have grudges against bad stories like Norman Osborn coming back and Byrne’s WCA with Wanda’s kids.

    If Brand New Day and OMIT proved anything to me it’s that you need good writers telling good stories and it’s not the marriage that caused bad stories. I see no reason why the writers would abandon their plans and their style of creating good stories if Peter would have been suddenly married coming out of OMIT. I shouldn’t have too but I’m using my own timeline with Brand New Day onward where he just doesn’t remember he’s married because of Mephisto. The actual reasoning being so crazy it’s what I gotta do.

    I don’t know how the regular Daredevil title can be so good and I hear that the Shadowland mini is so bad. I’ve heard this in multiple places. I decided to skip the main Shadowland mini but continue reading Daredevil and it’s worked out fine. Maybe it’s because Daredevil has a co-writer. The latest issue made me think more of something from Elektra Assassin.

  20. That song’s beautiful.

  21. Too cold for Slave Leia girls in Canada!  Atlanta is the center of hotness!

  22. Picked up the first 3 issues (my LCS was out of #4) of Thor: The Mighty Avenger because of this show…it’s so much fun.

  23. Not gonna lie, I cried in public when I read Daytripper #10, it was really excellent and heartfelt. 

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