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Pick of the Week #401 – Batman/Superman #3

Show Notes

You’re pretty much gonna be talking about what happens at the end, but before all of that, there’s a lot of great comic book discussion. Also, Josh Flanagan is laid low with a cold, and a deep sense of denial. If you like greek yogurt, you should probably skip this one. Also: the Junk Reading and threats!

Running Time: 01:06:36

Pick of the Week:
00:01:28 – Batman / Superman #3

Batman_Superman_3_Full00:11:27 – Justice League #23
00:14:39 – Station to Station
00:17:24 – Adventures of Superman #4
00:20:57 – American Vampire Anthology #1
00:26:24 – Deadpool #15
00:29:09 – The New Avengers #9
00:31:27 – Itty Bitty Hellboy #1
00:34:02 – Lazarus #3
00:37:50 – Thor: God of Thunder #12

User Reviews:
00:43:22 – The Top 5 Community Picks of the Week!
00:44:09 – wraith1701 reviews Avengers Arena #14.
00:45:44 – ToddFrazier reviews The Flash #23.

Audience Questions:
00:49:59 – Tom from Redford, MI wants to know what happened to all the comic sales. But he has a theory.

00:54:09 – A big announcement about iFanboy.com.

Valiant Entertainment – Unity #1, coming in November, by Matt Kindt and Doug Braithwaite

“Change Clothes”
DJ Danger Mouse


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  1. Great work as usual! I suppose this is the only place we’ll be able to make comments at this point right?

    Also, does this mean that Ron can come back from time to time?

  2. I never liked the ending of Blackest Night for the same reason: it was simply a blatant set-up for Brightest Day. Then again, I felt the whole story pretty much fell apart after issue two . . .

  3. This really sucks, you guys really built up something really special and to see the website like this now is tragic. R.I.P IFanboy, you were awesome while you existed, you advised on what books were great, critiqued them and gave us an awesome place to talk about the medium we love. I really felt that this website was made for me, I’m heartbroken.

  4. I will sorely miss everything here on iFanboy, but I will always be there for the podcasts every Sunday.Thank you guys for everything. Of all the comic websites out there, iFanboy was always my number one!

  5. I hadn’t realized that the Bruce/Clark encounter was Earth 2. Do any of you know of other stories that feature a young Bruce after his parents are killed but before he begins his training? Is Morrison’s Gothic one? It’s been so long since I read those issues, I should probably dig them out and reread.

  6. You know, I was wondering if the site was going to hit POTW #500. I had a feeling that the site would be ending sometime before then. Now I’m convinced that the entire site will end by #450, POTW included. Sad times, but inevitable.

    • Thanks for your support!

    • Josh, if I’m wrong, I owe you a coke!

      I didn’t say that out of spite, I just said what I’ve been thinking for a while. The past two years have seen portions of ifanboy go away (video shows, some of the specialty podcasts, Wordballoon, Ron) and now this. I understand that life has changed for all of you guys, and like Conor said at one point, you won’t be doing this forever. I don’t expect you to! You have lives to live! I just have this feeling that this thing you all have built is nearing the end. If that offends, sorry. I’m just saying what feels like the truth.

  7. JML (@twitter.com/JoshMLabelle) says:

    Damn. I just discovered you guys and got into comics this year. It was cool knowing there were eloquent, smart, funny, thoughtful people reading and discussing superhero comics. I’m glad the podcast is continuing otherwise I’d be bereft of listening material on my Monday walk to work. Thanks for all the good work.

  8. I was unable to comment on the other article, so I’m doing my sappy thank you/goodbye here, sorry.

    I discovered this website about 2 years ago, and I have logged into it everyday since. I genuinely loved visiting this site to read the articles, listen to the podcasts, and discuss comics with a ton of awesome people, none of whom I ever got to meet. I will miss the community dearly, but I’m happy we can still join in every Sunday and listen to our trusty Fanboys.

    To the iFanstaff, thank you guys so much for creating this site and fostering such a fantastic community. I’m even more proud now to say that 2 of my mediocre reviews made it on your show. I will still enjoy following you guys on Twitter (I’m Tyler@theotherbluth), and wish you all nothing but the best in your personal and professional lives.

    iFANBASE Forever!!
    -Love TurdSandwich 🙂

  9. Hey Josh, if Lazarus fails due to lack of sales, I’ll gladly join you on your vengeance quest. Metaphorically speaking of course. I’m not gonna leave the house or anything.

  10. Glad to see the podcast is gonna keep going strong

    but i’m really gonna miss having a Pull List, and of course all the other fantastic people and content I’ve been used to getting every day

  11. This was very hard to listen to. I think I could hear Conor’s heart breaking. I’m glad Josh was able to chime in and remind him to mention the good news.

    Thank you, Paul, for working hard to keep the site going as long as it did.

    Next Sunday seems so far away.

    • Thank God the podcasts are continuing. I cannot WAIT to hear the “Special Edition – ‘Batman Vs. Superman’ / ‘Man of Steel 2’ ” podcast in 2015! I’m actually looking forward to that more than the film itself. Everything between then and now is just pod-icing on the pod-cake.

      As for episode #401, it dawned on me (while listening to you guys praising Aaron’s Thor: GoT #12) that the vol. 2 trade should be coming out before December? Though I’ve heard you guys say before that Marvel’s not so smooth with getting trades out quickly… I just want to give this title as holiday gifts to several friends, seeing as how the Thor films have spread his appeal.

      Also: Paul’s “box” comment re:Trinity War was hilarious. First Winces, then the box… been a good year for Paul.

  12. To be fair, I haven’t been reading Trinity War, so my judgment of its quality could be way off. But the more I hear about it and Forever Evil, the more I think just re-reading Morrison and Quitely’s JLA: Earth 2 will be enough for me.

  13. While I am sad to hear about the website “scaling back” at least the podcast will live on!

    I do have a suggestion then for future podcats. Because you will be losing the “community pick of the week” and “reviews” sections of the podcast, how about you take that time to comment on the “news of the week”.

    Typically we got the iFanboys opinions on new trailers, movie casting, previews, creative team changes, etc. in the articles that would be posted and associated comments sections. Since this obviously won’t be the case going forward maybe the podcast would be a good place to discuss whats going on in the world of comics.

    • I’m sure we might do something like that if it’s big enough news. Most of the stuff that this industry considers “news” is kind of dull, though. We’ll see!

  14. *sniff*

    I love you guys.

  15. I’m just really happy the POTW podcast will continue, although I will dearly miss the forum and its personalities. I have always admired the professionalism you guys bring to the show week after week, limiting digressions, always seeming open to new comics and keeping the forum focused on current comics, not Who’d win, or the biz of comics. Thanks for how much you’ve enhanced my enjoyment of this art form we all love, because in the end, I think iFanboy has at its core the idea of bringing friends together with a shared passion for comics so that all of us can better appreciate this evolving and vibrant art form that bizarrely seems to leave the average Joe nonplussed. THANKs THANKS ThANKS!

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