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Pick of the Week #247 – Morning Glories #1

Show Notes

With Josh Flanagan in the wilderness of New England, Ron Richards and Conor Kilpatrick tap the mighty Tom Katers to enter the fray once again and wax poetic on the magic of comic books. Won’t you join us?

Running Time: 01:06:14

Pick of the Week:
00:01:24 – Morning Glories #1 captured Conor’s imagination enough to make it the Pick of the Week.

00:11:17 – The double Chameleon screwing things up for Spider-Man wowed everyone in Ultimate Spider-Man #13; David LaFuente is STILL on fire!
00:13:33 – People of Detroit! Superman has walked into your world in Superman #702 and Tom thinks there’s a decent comic somewhere in here.
00:19:05 – Ron was really impressed by Dale Eaglesham’s pencils in Steve Rogers: Super Soldier #2.
00:21:11 – Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors #1 may be the new Green Lantern book to read, according to Conor at least.
00:24:12 – Shadowland beckons Ron with Daredevil #509, which was quite good despite the awful cover by John Cassaday.
00:29:35 – Just one more issue to go, Daytripper #9 may have been a dream, but it was wonderful.
00:30:22 – Steve Dillon’s art on Ultimate Avengers 3 #1 threw Conor for a loop.
00:32:07 – Ron had continuity alarms going off with X-Force: Sex and Violence #2.
00:34:11 – It’s time for Tom to update us on B.P.R.D.: Hell on Earth – New World #1.
00:36:33 – The art in Locke & Key: Keys to the Kingdom #1 blew Ron away.

User Reviews:
00:38:06 – ohcaroline is enjoying Shadowland: Blood on the Street #1.
00:39:20 – Ryn isn’t really digging X-Men #2.

00:41:34 – Adam L. is curious about Alex Ross’s Earth X books.
00:43:49 – Mitch has got a problem with a speculator friend.
00:46:23 – Carter is torn between The New Avengers and The Mighty Avengers.

00:48:51 – Adam from Des Moines, IA wants to know who’s on our comics Mt. Rushmore.
00:53:34 – Anthony from NY wants to know in what order we read our comics.
00:56:07 – Josh from Pawhacket, AL is coming to the New York Comic Con and is concerned.

Giveaway Winners:
00:59:22 – The winners of the Scott Pilgrim giveaway are… Timothy O’Briant and Betsy Lang! Don’t miss all the other great giveaways!

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  1. Ha! Scott Pilgrim week!

  2. Nick Spencer and Scott Snyder seem to be the 2 new up and comers of 2010

  3. Guys,

    I live in wisconsin, it ain’t no fantasy land.

  4. I am from Wisconsin…and I beg to differ.

  5. Thanks for reading my review guys! I mean, you didn’t agree, but you still read it, so awesome! Although, for future reference, I’m a female, not a "he", it’s Ryn short for Kathryn.

  6. @Ron- I think Sex & Violence suffers from the same thing that Avengers: Children’s Crusade does.  Kyle and Yost  started working on it a while ago, earlier in their X-Force run.  Continuity is a-okay.

  7. Superman walking the streets with no one tagging along makes no sense whatsoever.

  8. After reading this week’s Daredevil issue I would like to apologize to Andy Diggle for I may have come out a bit too harsh with my comments about last week’s Shadowland issue, b/c Daredevil 509 was a very solid read & it actually cleared up a good amount of stuff with the Shadowland event issues & the last Daredevil issue with Matt being "possessed" by it is a relief that it is not really much of the usual possession stories told by many writers before. So needless to say Andy Diggle has redeemed himself in my eyes & I am now confident in buying the trade of his first story arc on Daredevil & am definitely curious to see where he is going to be taking Matt Murdock on his run, b/c right now it things look pretty grim. Which is great to us Daredevil readers, maybe a bit sadistic? Aw well, keep up with the good stuff guys!

  9. "I feel like I wanna slap Superman…"

    Ironically, that’s what started this whole thing off.

  10. Cassaday’s covers have been pretty crappy for a while now. His covers for SWORD #1 and #2 did not help that book at all. 

    I actually blame him for that book bombing so hard. 

  11. @Ron: Yes, as ABirdsEyeView sorta said, that X-Force mini was written a while ago. Yost was on the Uncanny X-Cast a few episodes ago, and he said that it was written over a year ago, way before Wolvie got the gf in Aaron’s series. Let’s be honest, though, there’s no way he’s gonna stick with that girl anyway.

  12. "That’s outrageous."

  13. Great show.  I loved the Rushmore conversation.

    Thanks for featuring my review.  I don’t love everything about Shadowland but I think it’s a well-run event that deserves some attention.  

  14. Quick comment on the Rushmore discussion.

    When Conor was thinking of his four characters that’d be on his Rushmore, Tom jokingly said ‘Batman and the three Robins.’ I found this very interesting. Even with a year of Damian running around as Robin, it seems that the gut reaction from some people is that there have been three Robins. With all the time that Dick, Jason, and Tim put in as Robin, it makes sense why a person’s mind would think there’s been only three of them in a quick moment. I know that I’ve had that happen to me in the past year too. But as Damian shows, there have been more than just three.

    By the way, does anyone consider Stephanie Brown’s incredibly brief run as Robin to be ‘official?’ Do you think that makes Damian the fourth Robin or the fifth?

  15. @JeffR: Yes, Stephanie was officially a Robin. Damian is Robin #5.

  16. Teddy Roosevelt absolutely belongs on Mount Rushmore, Ron.

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