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Pick of the Week #347 – Spider-Men #4

Show Notes

With Ron Richards somewhere up in the clouds, the internet’s Paul Montgomery steps in to join Conor Kilpatrick and Josh Flanagan to talk comics, adult video storage, and beards.

Running Time: 00:58:41

Pick of the Week:
00:02:34 – Spider-Men #4 elicits Pick of the Week worthy emotions.

00:11:05 – Batman #12 featured an awkward artist transition.
00:17:24 – Godzilla: The Half-Century War #1 is perfect for Stokoe.
00:22:22 – Valiant breaks into the show with Archer and Armstrong #1.
00:25:03 – American Vampire: Lord of Nightmares #3 is Draculawesome.
00:29:23 – Marvel Universe: The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes! #5 featured a surprise creator.
00:31:06 – What did Conan the Barbarian #7 have to do with Sidney Poitier?
00:34:50 – There’s a lot going on in Punk Rock Jesus #2.

User Reviews:
00:37:31 – The Top Five Community Picks of the Week.
00:38:21 – Neb did not get what he was expecting with Fantastic Four #609.
00:40:23 – dix enjoyed the guest star in Batgirl #12.

00:42:45 – Benjamin W. from Strongsville, OH asks if long time comic book readers feel a lot of déjà vu.
00:45:32 – Tim from OH wants to know if Marvel is going to change after Avengers vs. X-Men.

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“Old Man”
Neil Young


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  1. I like what Conor said about Snyder taking a cue from the 90’s Bat books and broadening the world and characters around Bruce Wayne. I had the same thought about Harper Row. Halfway through the issue, I started thinking about Sasha, Carrie Kelly, and those other strong female supporting characters from Batman’s history.

    I eventually started entertaining the thought of Harper becoming the New 52 Oracle, and now I can’t get the idea out of my head. If you ask me, Batman needs an Oracle a helluva lot more than he needs a Batgirl, and if we can’t have Barbara “in the chair”, I think Harper would make a fantastic Oracle II.

    • Snyder has seemed to use the supporting Bat cast very sparingly through his run so far, just Alfred and Dick pretty much. Even then, a bit sparingly, focusing mostly on the Owls arc at hand. I think Babs could still do some Oracle-ness once in a while, just cut to a box of her looking something up and answering a question Bruce had or something. Even though she’s out fighting crime, she’s still who she was when Oracle. Though Harper seems interesting too. Also, Snyder’s run needs more Catwoman badly.

    • You’re totally right that Snyder has barely scratched the surface of the supporting cast in previous issues, but Conor had mentioned that he liked the feel of this issue because it was reminiscent of those 90’s stories, and I agree. I’d like to see more of it.

      As far as Babs being both, count me out. I’ve been bitter since the relaunch about the decision to reset her status quo and (in my opinion) demote her back to Batgirl. I’m over it, but it still feels pointless, especially when both Oracle and Steph Brown were fan favorites. They messed with a good thing. Besides, Oracle’s kind of a 24/7 job. I don’t see Babs being very effective in the chair if she’s out kicking ass as Batgirl 50% of the time. I’d rather have one or the other, but a believable segue of someone like Harper taking up the mantle would give us the best of both worlds.

    • There’s always Wendy from the Super Friends, who became mini-Oracle Proxy in Batgirl. It’s amazing that Bryan Q Miller somehow made that work. Anyway, she could be floating around.

      Harper could be resident Batmobile mechanic.

  2. E-MAIL SHOW!?! Drunk Conor will fight you!!!

  3. On Lord of Nightmares, I love how they used the Cyrillic font when the Russians spoke Russian. Such a great alternative to the brackets with the asterisk (translated from..).
    Also, I really need to check out Archer and Armstrong! (particularly having grown up in Kansas and living in Missouri now, where creationism is prevalent).

  4. Also, was this the first issue of Batman that didn’t get #1 for user potw?

    • Which is nuts! I thought that this was the best issue in a while – though, yes, the abrupt art change didn’t exactly help matters.

  5. I am way too young to know and love the Neil Young song.

  6. Totally agree with just jumping into those Marvel books or comic books, the Completist attitude can be unnerving.
    I have been meaning to pick up an X-book but haven’t for the last 2 or 3 years and there are so many other rifts in between before that period.

  7. Olddd maaaaaaaaaaaan, loooooooook at my lifeee….. 🙂

  8. Batgirl artists Ardian Syaf and Vicente Sifuentes did a cracking JH Williams homage when Batwoman burst onto the splash spread in Batgirl #12 – flailing feet, splintered panels and all. If that’s an audition, I’d say they passed.

  9. Well, I bought Spider-Men after hearing the podcast. I’d say it’s distinctly OK. But am I misunderstanding a plot point – Miles recognised a building in Brooklyn, putting Nick Fury and co on the trail of Mysterio. This suggests SHIELD haven’t the wit or resources to recognise parts of New York … Obviously, I’m not getting something, can anyone help?

    • There are a lot of buildings in NYC.

    • Fair enough. I’ll file it in the Plausibility? file along with 616 Peter being weirded out by the idea of a parallel world, despite having seen plenty.

    • I don’t think that Peter’s been to a parallel Earth before, rather than a variant plane of existence like the Microverse or Macroverse. The one time it personally happened to him, House of M, he apparently does not remember, much like many of the other Marvel characters. Also, even if he does remember, he also would remember that it was caused by an abberation and ended just as abruptly. Similarly with cross-overs of Hyboria under Kulan Gath. This is the first time he’s been to a world where there was another him, another Aunt May, another Gwen, etc., knowing that this world existed before he got there and will exist after he leaves. So, yeah, it would probably weird him out. What I’m interested in is if this influences his own on-going series (e.g. When he finds out there’s a new black Nick Fury, will it remind him of Ultimate Nick Fury).

    • Thanks BC1. I think this year’s ASM Annual has him on a parallel world, but perhaps that’s set after Spider-Men.

  10. Way to mention Conan Paul! My first Conan book and it’s one of the best books I read.

  11. Great show as always guys, but I have to say, I think you’re dead wrong about Punk Rock Jesus. Yes, the art’s fantastic but I think the writing is no less impressive with strong characterization, a solid sense of humour and it hits on some impressive emotional beats too. It’s also interesting that though reality TV is one of the easiest targets imaginable, Murphy still tackles it well and he gives the book the kind of punkish, edgy quality that Vertigo hasn’t seen for quite some time – not even in excellent current titles like Unwritten and American Vampire. It also certainly doesn’t hurt that at 32 dense story pages an issue (for all of $3!) it takes about three times as long to read as just any other comic book out right now.

    It’s an easy pick of the week for me and has quickly climbed to the top of my must read comics list with stuff like Scalped, Saga, Chew, American Vampire and Locke and Key.

  12. Groovy show, gents. I always dig it when reader questions prompt discussion on comics reading in general. The bit on keeping up with X-Men, as a casual X-fan it can be wonky.

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