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Pick of the Week #398 – Quantum & Woody! #2

Show Notes

Conor Kilpatrick’s back! Then he’s gone again! Then he comes back to talk the week in comics with Josh Flanagan and Paul Montgomery. The show completely falls apart at the end, everyone loves stationary, and the audio quality on this one is rough and you’re just going to have to deal with it.

Running Time: 00:53:42

Pick of the Week:
00:01:24 – Quantum & Woody! #2

00:09:22 – Trillium #1
00:13:57 – Planet of the Apes: Cataclysm #12
00:17:13 – The Superior Foes of Spider-Man #2
00:21:24 – The Bunker #1
00:24:33 – Avengers A.I. #2
00:25:37 – Daredevil: Dark Nights #3
00:27:08 – The Manhattan Projects #13
00:29:01 – The Activity #14

User Reviews:
00:31:43 – The Top 5 Community Picks of the Week!
00:33:07 – Holiday reviewed All-New X-Men #15.
00:35:31 – ToddFrazier reviewed Satellite Sam #2.

Audience Questions:
00:38:05 – Keith from Reno, NV wants to know why some writers never make the “A-list”.
00:42:15 – Neil just got laid off and needs some advice on saving money on buying comics.

“Where Does The Good Go”
Tegan and Sara


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  1. Another good dudes. Welcome back Donor – even though it sounded like you were calling in through a tin can attached to a fishing line. 😉

    and yeah, Trillium loses a lot of its charm digitally. Do you think that books little “novelty / gimmick” might be an attempt to save PRINT from going the way of the dinosaurs? Much like how Panavision was introduced in the early cinemas as a response to television keeping people at home instead of paying money to see a movie in the theater. Just a thought.

  2. For Neal,

    Try the Library and also check craigslist to see if you can get stuff cheaper and/or free.

    • Used bookstores too

    • I’ve found plenty of good deals at Half Price Books or similar used bookstores. It’s surprising which single issues and TPBs you can find there.

    • I echo the library as a source of reading comics on a budget, so long as you’re willing to trade wait. Libraries don’t get recommended enough as a way to save money. I mean… it’s free! Can’t get cheaper than that. ArsNotoria, suggestion of Half Price Books is good too. I recently picked up the final volume of the Starman Omnibus there which I’ve resisted buying until now because of the price.

    • Yup. Libraries are great!

  3. To save money, I subscribe to Marvel Unlimited. If you’re willing to read Marvel digitally and wait 6 months for issues, then its an amazing deal. $60 for a years worth of issues plus almost every back issue you could want. I get Image in trades, usually from the library and I only get DC monthly. Once DC gets on board with a yearly subscription service like Marvel Unlimited, I’m sure I’ll jump on that too.

  4. Or subscriptions in general. If you don’t mind being a few days late, I think every Marvel title is $29.99 or under for a 12 month subscription.

  5. Thanks for the PotW, Josh. Bought 1 and 2 yesterday after listening and they were great fun. Added them to my shop pull list today.