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Pick of the Week #245 – The Flash #4

Show Notes

The guys have returned from San Diego, intact. Mostly. Maybe a little loopy. This week, Ron Richards, Conor Kilpatrick, and Josh Flanagan take a look at books from a wider than normal slice of the industry, with books from six different publishers making the show. There’s also a brief foray into Jerry Bruckheimer and Pearl Harbor. You know how these things go.

Running Time: 01:02:00

Pick of the Week:
00:02:03 – Ron was all about the art in his Pick of the Week, The Flash #4!

00:10:36 – The Bullseye in Punisher MAX #9 creeped out Ron and Conor!
00:12:16 – Justice League: Generation Lost #6 was downright Twilight Zone-esque!
00:14:12 – American Vampire #5 wrapped up the first excellent arc.
00:17:06 – If you’re looking for something new and fun, check out Artifacts #1.
00:24:19 – Wonder Woman #601 wowed Conor and didn’t wow Ron.
00:26:56 – Conor and Josh adore Thor: Mighty Avenger #2.
00:28:17 – Batman: Return of Bruce Wayne #4 was not as good as it should have been.
00:29:44 – 7 Psychopaths #3 ended this goofy, “mission-to-kill-Hitler” French mini-series.
00:31:28 – More Nazi killin’ in Time Bomb #1! This time courtesy of Palmiotti and Gray.
00:33:56 – The final arc beings in Fear Agent #28!
00:36:08 – Northlanders #30 did not feature Thor but it was still great.

User Reviews:
00:37:30 – origamikid was disappointed with Wolverine: Weapon X #15.
00:39:32 – SilverAgeTom loved Action Comics #891 as much as the iFanboys did!

Book of the Month:
00:42:13 – Ron says Daniel Clowes’ Wilson makes a really, really curmudgeonly take on life very, very funny.

00:50:17 – Oscar from Brownsville, TX wants a head’s up on indie books.
00:53:15 – Dave from Washington, DC took Conor’s recommendation and now he wants more!

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  1. Just a couple of quick points about The Flash since I’m listening to your discussion right now. First off, yes, I suppose you could see the Barry: murderer thing as a retread but personally I’ve got to give Groff credit here because it feels more like an homage to that story.

    As for Barry and Wally having the same personality, that’s a bit more complicated. One of my biggest problems with the second half of Geoff’s original run on the Flash was that he did make Wally way too much like Barry, as oppose to Mark Waid who was able to mature Wally while keeping him as a destinct character.

    Mind you, this isn’t that surprising to me. Geoff’s original Flash run was always more about Keystone City than Wally West – to the point that I don’t even know how much he even got the character. Contrast his character work between Wally and Captain Cold to see what I mean. But then, this is Geoff Johns who has always been far better at writing villains than superheroes – Superman and Stargirl aside.

  2. Cheers for highlighting my review guys, my first week posting on here as well! Yeah my friend is a jerk, I’m not really sure why we are still friends to be honest hahahaha. 

     Great podcast once again guys, iFanboy has quickly become my regular stop off during the week!

    Hopefully you enjoyed the rest of my reviews as well, more to come next week I hope! 

    -Josh (Origami Kid)

  3. Also – Like A Velvet Glove Cast In Iron (Daniel Clowes) – Is the most fucked up, bizzare … yet brilliant thing I think I have ever read. It just is so strange, I really think everyone should go read it ASAP if you want something unique and unlike anything else ever released.



  5. He pushed the crowd out of the way first.

  6. @Vada: Yes he did.

  7. Thor Might Avenger was great. I too was confused in Return of Bruce Wayne. Action Comics and Punisher Max also great. The Kevin Smith Batman had a surprise ending as well.

  8. I actually kind of have the same problem as Oscar (to a lesser degree though). I’ve found a couple of great blogs that do some highlighting. Chris over at comics212.net liveblogs himself doing the Previews catalogue for his store at the end of the month. Comics Should Be Good does a brief look:


    I’ll post my link of comic sites I have in my RSS reader in a bit. That should help. But it doesn’t cover everything. Sometimes you just won’t get it day one.

  9. Yay! My review! Though speaking of which does anyone know how I can get my review to split into multiple paragraphs. It keeps lumping them together when I submit it.


    But Green Arrow #2. You guys reading? I think it’s actually pretty good. I’m surprised neither issue has been featured in the podcast.

  10. @Silver: Are you doing hard or soft returns (enter or shift+enter). Could have something to do with it…

  11. @Silveragetom I just write mine in word or something similar – That way it will get spell checked as well as for somereason the spell checkers on firefox/mac don’t work on this website anymore!

    I was disapointed by the first issue of Green Arrow so didn’t bother picking the rest up, as much as I love the idea of a Robin Hood style book… especially as Hawkeye is off playing James Bond in his Mockingbird & Hawkeye team up book, sadly it is not what I hoped it would be.

  12. Welcome back chaps, really enjoyed the podcast. I was knocked out by Flash too, it was quite the read. I’ll be interested to see how the villain fill-ins drawn by Scott Kolins fit into Flash, as I got tired of ’em on the Wally book. It’ll only be once or twice a year, but I’d rather the space went on a done-in-one Flash tale with more room to explore Iris and the rest of the cast.

     The many film references this episode were a hoot. 

  13. So much variety it was almost like an episode of 11 O’Clock Comics 🙂 Just needed art comix and manga but since that later doesn’t come out in singles I think your pretty well safe.

  14. "He’s responsible for Pearl Harbor!"

    … Jerry Bruckheimer’s Japanese?

  15. OK so the banners are back.


    I’ve asked this question before- Why are your banners Not set to open in a new window,

    rather than opening in the same page your content is displayed and your podcasts are playing??


    I can’t click on anything withought killing the very content that brings me to the page.



  16. Great show! 

    I am picking up the ‘Thor’ book after hearing it talked up so much.  The story is great and Samnee’s art is a joy.  I would say that with the quality of the all ages material Marvel has been putting out over the last few years, there’s no need for an, "It’s all-ages, but –" qualifier.  "Thor & the Warriors Four" (the recently completed Power Pack miniseries) is another A-rated book that is amont the best things I’ve read all year.  I think these title tend to get overlooked both because they’re perceived as ‘for kids’ and because they don’t ‘count’ in continuity, but they often have some of the best storytelling.

  17. It dawned on me that Louis C.K. would be perfect for an adaptation of Wilson. It’s not that much of a stretch from Louie.

  18. Back to form!

    Gotta thank you guys for turning me on to american vampires, cause this first arc was pretty damn good. Every issue leaves me satisfied, very good mix of action n story, and I love reading it in a exaggerated southern accent  

  19. You know one thing I like about the Flash series. No sound effects. I like it when the artist is good enough to convey a sound without the use of sound effects. I very much prefer that. I can hear the sound in my head when the artist is good, otherwise it’s very distracting. I’ve been noticing a reduced usage of sound effects at Marvel and DC, is it just me?

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