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Special Edition – Batman: Under The Red Hood

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Conor Kilpatrick and iFanboy staff writers Paul Montgomery and Ryan Haupt break down the latest DC Universe Animated Original film — Batman: Under The Red Hood! They discuss everything from the next short film Showcase: Jonah Hex, the movie itself, the extras, the Robins, it’s all here!

Running Time: 00:29:30

“Blood Red Blood”


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  1. hey guys just to let you know the jason todd extra is on the blu-ray and is labelled on the top of the back of the box and is under the dick grayson extra on the actual blu-ray

  2. @mattgarcxc9: You’re right. It seems to be a Blu-Ray exclusive. Strange placement on the box.

  3. Job well done, gents.  I too had nothing bad to say about this flick beyond the CGI stuff that didn’t flow well with me and not having enough Nightwing.

    FYI – I think they’re called "The Fearsome Hand of Four" that attack Batman and Jason Todd on behalf of Black Mask.  Odd name choice, but whatever.

  4. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I also blame the tiny, tiny text they use in the special features menus on these blu-rays. I sit kinda far from my screen, so I guess I missed the Jason Todd doc option. 

  5. Blu Ray Exclusive. AH DAMN IT! My own fault for waiting to go Blu with Apocalypse. Great episode guys, loved listening to this having just watched the movie. 

  6. This was a really good, mature movie.

  7. This was hands down my favorite Batman animated movie it even beat Return of the Joker in my mind b/c of two words, Jensen Ackles. His portrayal of Jason Todd/Red Hood really made the movie for me especially that end, OMG what an ending! Dimaggio’s Joker was a very close second to me as well b/c he really did bring a more gangster vibe to the Joker that we don’t see very often, actually I think that the description of his Joker being a cross between Heath Ledger’s & Brian Azzarello’s Jokers into one. Also that Jonah Hex makes me want Thomas Jane to reprise his role of Frank Castle/Punisher & even be Jonah Hex in a live-action film (if that will ever be re-made, hopefully), but maybe since Marvel Studios got the Punisher’s rights back maybe they can get Jane back to be him again, maybe, let’s hope!

  8. Great show guys! I really appreciate these specials on the animated features.

    Sadly this doesn’t seem to have a UK release yet, I might just get it imported, it sounds fantastic. 

  9. I loved everythign about this film. I’m not a fan of choppy blending of CGI but it didn’t take away from the film and honestly I didn’t really notice. I’ll have to go back again a rewatch.

  10. just watched it. it was…beautiful. great action. raw, funny, fluid and fantastic.  top 3 for sure in these dc universe releases. such a poignant ending. was the comic book series this good? makes me want to go and read it. well done dc. well done.

  11. Just watched it. Liked it a lot, thought they did a good job of conveying the tragedy of Jason’s death and its impact on Bruce. Well done Ra’s, too.

    The only thing I didn’t care for was the voice of Joker. I’m sure I’ve been somewhat spoiled by Mark Hamil doing it for as long as I’ve been alive, more or less, but this guy (don’t remember his name, too lazy to look it up right now) didn’t really convey the crazy nearly enough. Joker looked awesome, though–everyone did.

  12. The last two offerings from DCAU have been especially good.  The movie almost lost me when the laser ninjas showed up, but the performance of the guy who played the joker totally redeemed it for me.   Still, I’ll never buy that a guy with his back turned and a batarang and outduel a guy with a gun.  Overall, I thought it was excellent.

    Makes me wish Marvel could put out quality animated product.  I watched Planet Hulk recently and thought it was Atrocitus (I vomited flames and everything).

  13. Of course he could. He’s the goddamn Batman.

  14. I agree with most of the podcasts opinions except for the guys thoughts on Greenwood on Batman.  I thought he was great.. and really not very different from Conroy.  I would love to see/hear Greenwood as Batman again!

  15. Before listening or reading I’ll state my opinion.

    It’s time we see another style than Timm. That said: It’s good but not great. Plot is tight, dialog is good but it has no deeper themes until the very end. I felt the Under The Hood story was basically several excellent scenes strewn together until we got to the point. I wish there had been more substance in the main part of the story instead of it being all crammed in the end.

    Now I’ll listen for comparison.

  16. Who picked the music?

     Its almost always a good surprise listening to all of your podcasts b/c of the music

  17. @Gramercy: It was me. Glad you liked it!

  18. Does the single disc version DVD have the Jonah Hex short?

    If so, I might have to get this. I loved the Wonder Woman one. Was blown away by how much I liked it actually. That is the only one I’ve seen.

  19. @Scorpion: My personal opinion is that the WW one is the best of the series. It is good action, entertaining dialog, a fairly rich and well developped mythology and it explores some very mature and significant themes in a subtle and poised manner. The animation is very well done with no major flaws.

    I felt the other ones had some but not all of those components or it had all of them but wasn’t elegantly balanced like the WW feature was.

    That’s just my opinion though. New Frontier is a smart film and has many fans as well. And I know some folks who find that the WW film was in the lower tier.

    To me, Red Hood was about a 5 or 6 from 10 if WW was an 8 or 9.

  20. I only checked the Wonder Woman one cuz word of mouth was so strong and the review here.

    The Red Hood’s biggest draw for me is the Jonah Hex short; however, I’d never buy the movie just for the short. The review here is moving me towards a purchase.

    5 or 6 out of 10 is not good . . . ahhahaha

  21. I thought that the movie was very well made, but I still has issues with Judd Winick’s dialogue. His tough guy talk is strictly bad D movie level, full of cliche’s like "Smoke him".  Azzarello he ain’t. That whole "heads in a duffel bag sequence" was not very well written. But, that said. It was well plotted and superbly executed. The direction of this movie made it rise above the average.


    Movie is a B/ Jonah Hex short is A.

  22. I’m so glad somebody else has a problem with the CGI vehicles in the recent movies.  Like it was said though, it’s not a huge deal just an annoyance.

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