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Pick of the Week #142 – Scalped #19

Show Notes

iFanboy has been invaded by the Moviefone guy and he’s run rampant throughout this week’s comics.

Running Time:  00:55:35

Pick of the Week:
00:02:11 – Conor has selected Scalped #19 as his tragic Pick of the Week.

00:09:27 – If Scalped hadn’t come out, Conor might have picked Batgirl #1.
00:11:17 – Captain America #40 featured awesomely bickering super villains!
00:14:40 – Ron is elated to see Geoff Johns and Scott Kolins working on Final Crisis: Rogue’s Revenge #1, which was way better than The Flash #242.
00:19:25 – Josh really enjoyed War Is Hell #5, which was downbeat but good.
00:21:18 – Perhapanauts #3 has been a fun read for Ron, but this issue has a great backup story worth checking out.
00:22:46 – X-Factor #33 is not only a Secret Invasion tie in, but the return of Larry Stroman on art.
00:25:12 – Iron Man: Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. #31 has become an afterthought.

User Reviews:
00:27:18 – Mikhail88K is a huge fan of X-Force.

00:29:38 – Scott (target242) struggles with bagging and boarding his comics.
00:34:20 – KJ questions our thoughts on good Batman stories.

Voice Mail:
00:39:26 – Jeff from Colorado has some JSA speculation.
00:41:51 – Matt wants to know what we’re going to be buying in San Diego.

00:44:53 – The San Diego Comic-Con is this week!  Find out all about iFanboy in San Diego!

“Queen Anne’s Revenge”
Flogging Molly


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  1. We never had this problem when the iFanboys of centuries past would travel town to town, each night delivering comic wisdom personally to the villagers around the communal fire.

    P.S. The mp3’s working now.

  2. It’s been a while but in the earlier issues of Scalped, Bad Horse was always using Nunchucks.  Maybe that is why Carol was holding them on the cover? 

  3. FYI re: Iron Man – Director of SHIELD.  Stuart Moore has one more issue; after that, Christos Gage is writing a Secret Invasion crossover, centering on Jim Rhodes.  I think Gage is one of the best Iron Man writers (and a really underrated/overlooked Marvel writer in general) so that could turn out to be really cool.  Plus, who doesn’t love Rhodey?

  4. Seriously, Jim Rhodes needs a mini or something.  Maybe it is the rocket launchers on his shoulders, but I love the War Machine.

  5. Re: "People who watch the movies won’t go buy the comics".

    I semi resent that theory being formulated as fact. Let’s see what this Dark Knight hubbub stirs up.

  6. @JumpingJupiter – it is fact.  There’s a brief swell, not not a significant, returning group of new comics readers.  It could change with this movie.  Maybe they’ll go try comics.  And then they’ll get a copy of Batman RIP in their hands, and that’ll be that.

  7. It is fact thus far my friend 😉

    I’ve seen several noobs ask about Batman comics on various forums this weekend. And yes, it is unfortunate about RIP.

  8. I think Jeff from Colorado nailed it with his JSA prediction.  I mean if you look at his butt-cut it’s almost like the Magog horns already.

  9. I agree that Iron Man:DoS has become an afterthought, which is unfortunate after the killer Knaufs run.  Luckly im really loveing Fractions take on Iron Man

  10. RE: Rogue’s Revenge, I can totally go with the "we didn’t mean to kill Bart" thing because that actual Bart-Flash run/story was so awful, I’d like to forget it ever happened.

  11. @jumpinjupiter They always ask after the comic book movies, but there is so rarely follow up.  That’s the depressing part.

    It should be noted that I don’t prefer it that way.  Hope for the best we do. 

  12. Not only is Eddie Vedder from San Diego, he went to my high school. Until he dropped out. We used to ask my government teacher about him, and apparenty he sat in the back of class and never talked. Go figure!

  13. Hey…I asked Wizard the backing board question years ago before iFanboy…see how long i have suffered with this question unanswered!? Thankyou iFanboy!  I do kinda agree that current comics will never have the value like the golden age and silver age stuff…but the bronze age stuff is closer to todays "vintage" and it seems interesting to me that they are going up. Some comics today look promising though: Invincible, Walking Dead to name a few. I still kind of kick myself that i unloaded my Walking Dead 1-12 on ebay a few years back, but this was before it took off. The same went for Sandman…i sold them for a great price, but it continued to climb…until it has leveled off. "Buzz books" have more hope. I loved when 30 Days of Night and NYX shot up…


  14. @ Josh: I’m going to go ahead and make a prediction. I say that by the year 2013 we will see a single issue of a comic book sell 600K+ units. Mark it on your calendar, one of us us will get to gloat. I also predict that by the year 2013 Ron will have a lucrative career as an Elvis impersonator, Connor will wear a wig for a living and you, Josh, will have played a role in an erotic thriller movie that will flop at the box office.

    That is all.

  15. In 2013, single issues will be relics of the past.  Unless you count digital versions….

  16. @JumpingJupiter & Josh– assuming of course that we live past the ending of they Mayan calander in 2012 of course..

  17. @ Josh: Let’s make it a bet?

  18. The Woodchucks are on the Scalped cover? Darned if I can see Huey, Dewey and Louie anywhere.
    And if any non-Brits haven’t seen the final episode of BBC sitcom Blackadder Goes Forth, check it out for a surprisingly touching look at the Great War – I wept buckets at the last scene.
  19. Dammit! We want you to cover more books! It looks like you hit 10 this week (Not including user stuff.).

    Expand to 15 books that you cover. I know this would make the show longer, but so what, we will eat it up with a spoon!

    Yes (sigh) I know you have lives and this podcast takes time for you to record/edit etc.. but dammit! We want more!


  20. @Unoob – There were really no other books to talk about this past week.

  21. hey this is doc from the itunes podcast: Heroes of Science Fiction and Fantasy, if you make it out to Wondercon in 2009 please stop by the small press section.  I am a regular listener of your show and when i found out you guys came out to Wondercon, just wish we had a chance to meet.  I will be exibiting in small press in 2009 (was exibiting in 2008) will be stuck behind the table would love to talk with any of your team.  Keep up the great cast, sometimes listen to 3 in a row and listen all day at work.  http://www.heroesofsciencefictionandfantasy.com voicemail 1-206-333-1297

  22. About the nunchucks on the Scalped cover … I know you guys were just foolin’ around, but if you really had no idea why they were there, I took it as a reference to early issues of Scalped when Dashiel used to carry them. Remember he beat up a whole bar room full of dudes with them?

    So, maybe it’s saying she gave them to him in the past, or it’s saying she’s so close to Dashiel, he lets her touch his "nunchucks".

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