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Pick of the Week #394 – Justice League #22

Show Notes

In the midst of the heat and hectic July scheduling, Conor Kilpatrick, Josh Flanagan, and Paul Montgomery are back together to talk comics! This week things get weird. We’re sorry.

Running Time: 01:04:41

Pick of the Week:
00:01:25 – Justice League #22

Justice League_22_Full00:09:18 – Astro City #2
00:14:15 – Batman #22
00:19:41 – Superman: Unchained #2
00:23:34 – Sheltered #1
00:25:23 – Quantum & Woody #1
00:29:52 – Avengers Arena #12
00:32:14 – Ghosted #1
00:34:48 – Ultimate Comics The Ultimates #27
00:37:01 – Peter Panzerfaust #12
00:37:43 – Daredevil #28

User Reviews:
00:39:48 – The Top 5 Community Picks of the Week!
00:40:41 – wraith1701 reviews East of West #4.
00:42:16 – SuityMcGee reviews Young Avengers #7.

Audience Questions:
00:49:17 – Jeremy from Vancouver, Canada is excited about Image’s new DRM-free digital comics, but…
00:54:40 – Tim from St. Paul, MN wants to know why Batman ’66 wasn’t talked about on last week’s show.

Brought to You By:
Eternal Warrior #1 from Valiant Comics by Greg Pak and Trevor Hairsine–in stores September 11th, 2013!

Ray Parker Jr.


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  1. Who ever chose this week’s song, I tip my hat you to sir!

    • I listened to the show a few hours ago and I still keep humming the medley. At least it got the other song out of my head

  2. Man, I’ve got to say, nothing about Conor’s review or your discussion makes JLA 22 sound even remotely interesting. Is there anything in Trinity War that we haven’t seen a thousand times before in previous “events” and, for that matter, heroes vs heroes type stories?

    And yes, I still find the idea of Blackest Night being even remotely in the same league as even the worst issues of Scalped pretty damn hilarious.

  3. One of the best shows I listened to guys. Had me crying for a bit.

  4. The bath tub is a bad idea.

  5. Batman is a Point Guard/1 not a Shooting Guard/2. I’ve spent more time thinking about this then I have about the NSA scandal. Trust me.

  6. This is going to sound bad, but the part of the show I love most is always the end – hear me out! – because that’s when everything generally gets horribly loopy and ridiculous, which is always a plus for me. Thanks for another fun show, and I totally agree on the overhyped Comixology paranoia.

  7. “Dogs and cats living together….”

    Fun show dudes

  8. I was really glad you Gus discussed Sheltered and Ghosted. I dug both of those books a lot. I thought Ghosted was a little rushed but still fun. I think Sheltered might hav been my POTW. Really good first issue!

  9. JLA Basketball team:

    Point Guard: Batman. He is always in control and planning five steps ahead. The ultimate planner. Has to be in charge to be comfortable.

    Shooting Guard: The Flash. He is the flamboyant, high energy scorer of the team.

    Small Forward: Superman: has the speed and agility to play a perimeter game and the power and size to bang down low. A decisive playmaker who makes his teammates better. He is the Scottie Pippin “point forward” of the team.

    Power Forward: Martian Manhunter. Has the size, strength and heart to hustle for rebounds and take it hard to he rim.

    Center: Wonder Woman: the Amazon Princess will control the middle and play lock down defense against anyone dumb enough to try to take it to her.

    Sixth Man: Green Lantern: a versatile player who can play multiple positions and take on different roles depending on what the team needs at the moment.

  10. This is an absolutely fantastic episode. Where else can you hear someone mention Ask a Ninja these days?