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Pick of the Week #393 – Satellite Sam #1

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With Conor Kilpatrick off returning the iFanboy Bell to its clandestine shrine, resident Man of Science Ryan Haupt joins Josh Flanagan and Paul Montgomery for this week’s broadcast. This week, Josh provokes the Doctor Who fans, Ryan learns some production jargon, and Paul adopts a new catch phrase.

Total Running Time: 01:02:23

Pick of the Week:
00:02:47 – Satellite Sam #1

Satellite Sam_1Comics:
00:12:56 – The Private Eye #3
00:18:19 – Batman, Incorporated #12
00:22:13 – The Superior Foes of Spider-Man #1
00:26:20 – Green Arrow #22
00:31:01 – Fairest #17
00:32:13 – Avengers A.I. #1
00:34:26 – Abe Sapien #4
00:35:37 – Thunderbolts #12
00:36:34 – Swamp Thing #22
00:37:43 – The Final Plague #1

User Reviews:
00:39:27 – The Top 5 Community Picks of the Week!
00:40:24 – mikeandzod21 reviews Green Lantern #22.
00:43:17 – invasionforce reviews Earth 2 #14.

Audience Questions:
00:45:00 – Dave from Upstate New York wants to know about changes of taste in comic creators, for better and worse.
00:54:27 – Blake from Chicago is curious about abandoned story lines that deserved more time and attention.

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  1. @ Josh Did you stop reading wonder woman?

    JMS will always have my love for Babylon 5 but i learned his song. When i feel in the mood i will check it out but i will not go out of my way.

    With Johns I feel he has “A” way of telling a story and i feel like all his stories have that same flow and beat. Tension rises here and etc… Johns is like a good hitter for average while a Morrison is like a big home run hitter. Johns always writes a story that is good not bad not great. Morrison writes great and then bad because i feel he takes more chances. John’s has this “sound”everything he does “sounds” that same to me.

    New krypton was a great idea, big miss opportunity

  2. I want to know what JMS’ Grounded would’ve been like had Robinson has been at the helm the whole time.

  3. Now if only Paul can incorporate “Daaamn girl!” into one of his eugenics rants while simultaneously encouraging listeners to commit a crime in pursuit of spreading the word about iFanboy.

    Good show. Always enjoy when Haupt is in the house.

  4. Daaaamngirl# make it happen internet.

  5. Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    Oh, how I wished I could have Skyped into this conversation during the “Did Batwoman marry Batman in the Golden Age” discussion. No, Batman and Batwoman never married. Batwoman heavily flirted at Batman but it never went anywhere as Batman was surprisingly cold towards Kathy Kane. Her time as a full member of the Bat Family only lasted from 1956 to 1963, which was the Silver Age. She appeared a few times in the Bronze Age but was murdered in 1979.

  6. My answer to Blake’s question is the Xavier Protocols. I want more, even knowing that some ways to kill x-men could be very simple.

  7. Out of DC’s current stable of writers Charles Soule has the best voice for Constantine. Glad to hear someone else thought so.

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