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Pick of the Week #139 – Final Crisis #2

Show Notes

Everyone had a giant stack of comics to choose from this week, and thankfully we made it through unscathed. In the end, Conor Kilpatrick was tickled by his old favorite, the big DC event book, but there were plenty of other good choices as well. And who is this Josh Flanagan who’s been showing up lately?

Running Time: 01:01:40

Pick of the Week:
00:01:48 – Conor loved all his books, but he loved Final Crisis #2 the best. It may surprise you who agreed, and who didn’t.

00:13:20 – Marvel gave you the double shot of The New Avengers #39 and The Mighty Avengers #15, and so do we.
00:19:09 – Despite a failed segue, Superman #676 by James Robinson was pretty good.
00:23:20 – The Immortal Iron Fist #16 was the best issue Matt Fraction has ever written.
00:25:52 – Young Avengers Presents #6 was the best issue Matt Fraction has ever written.
00:31:45 – B.P.R.D.: The Ectoplasmic Man was a great one shot. Get into it!
00:33:30 – Fantastic Four #558 is the book Ron’s been waiting for. SO SAYS DOOM!
00:34:47 – How long can FEAR Agent continue to be awesome? Issue #22 continues the greatness.
00:36:26 – Guess what looked great, but didn’t read so well. Hulk #4 anyone?

User Reviews:
00:39:18 – Neb didn’t love Ultimate Spider-Man #123. Some of us are with him, some are not.
00:41:59 – Tork was with us, because Green Lantern #32 was still really very good.

00:45:32 – Vito DelSante wants to say thank you to everyone.
00:47:06 – Jamie is listening to old shows, and it appears we’ve changed. Well, our stacks have.

00:53:20 – Nate found a great deal. We love that.

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  1. Thor appeared in invincible iron man #2 before hulk, so he has appeared

  2. Yeah, we sorted that out after recording.  Meh.

  3. Hrm… interesting choice of books this week, I was a bit surprised that we didn’t get an all book show.

    Still top notch. 

  4. I say kiss the snake on the tongue Ron. peyote might have made sense outta those opening pages from Final Crisis and, personally, i don’t like Hal Jordan being anyone’s bitch. i hate the f’n alpha lanterns! 

    as i was reading new avengers i thought, "damn, yu’s finally got it". and then i remembered yu’s been off the book for a while now. a little more applause from me in regard to cheung’s art – brilliant. 

    @josh –  i read emerald dawn part 2 not so long ago and i’d swear sinestro didn’t bother to fix the plane during that same encounter. i don’t think hal even went back to the airbase. pretty sure they just flew into space and began training exercises. it’s one of my pet peeves to see such inconsistencies too. reminds me of why i can’t watch tom and jerry anymore: i just can’t help feeling bad for whoever has to clean up after those two.  

  5. For another random comic book fact from this show. You can find the music from this intro in the movie Ghost World- a great comic book movie!

  6. Hey, I got a nod again!  Fantastic!

    I think it’s possible that the Skrulls put "a" Pym in New York before they actually took Pym out in England.  Like they sent him off to Europe, put in a mole, and then got rid of him before peoplestarted making the connection.

  7. I kinda wanna read Josh’s email and what did he mean by "currently" when he was talking about the video show? Are there plans to change the schedule?

  8. i love finding great bargains. 

     btw ifanboy and ifanbase, recently i found the jack kirby’s OMAC omnibus at midtown comics this past weekend at their bargain shelf for $14.99 (sorry if i’m not supposed to talk about non-sponsor).

     but yeah… JACK KIRBY… OMNIBUS… 14.99? yeah, i picked that up in 2 seconds.

  9. Wahoo!  I made the show with my review!  Now, if only I wasn’t on vacation and 1000s of miles away from my computer…

    Also, I can guess who didn’t agree with me:  Kilpatrick!!  Damn you!! 🙂

  10. Hey guys, loving the show as usual but I wanted to clarify something you said as it relates to Final Crisis #2. The Alpha Lantern isn’t Granny Goodness, it’s actually Kraken. Kraken has always been from Apokalips and was one of the Lanterns converted into Alphas following the Sinestro Corps War. What we’re seeing in Final Crisis is that Kraken remains loyal to Darkseid and is one of Granny’s minions.


  11. @Wood (same Wood from Around Comics?) – Isn’t Granny Goodness the preacher in Final Crisis #2?

  12. Yeah, Granny Goodness is Reverend Good.  I think Kraken’s been infected by the Anti-Life Equation hence her struggling with herself before going nuts on Batman.

  13. I wanted to say that I picked up ‘Superman’, having never read an issue before, based mostly on Paul’s article and on Josh’s past enthusiasm for ‘Starman.’  I’m glad I did; it was a great issue, and while I’m not sure I know any more about Superman than I did when I started, it was an interesting approach to begin with other people’s views of him.  I hope we see more of the Science Cop, since I always like well-drawn portraits of ordinary people in these fictional universes; I got a ‘Gotham Central’ vibe off him, which was nice.

    As for Xmen, I do wonder if there’s a legal reason they didn’t use the real SF mayor — I know Marvel used to use real people a lot (anybody remember the Avengers’ storyline where Nelson Rockefeller was being controlled by aliens?) but I’m not sure they’ve done it for a while.  They might have gotten more nervous about that kind of thing.  It’s sort of a shame, in any case, because Gavin Newsom strikes me as the kind of politician who’d enjoy hanging out with superheroes.

    And finally, you know, I’ve been a Matt Fraction fan since the first issue of ‘The Order,’ so it’s cool to see  him growing in other directions in the Marvel U.  I’ve never been completely sold on the concept of ‘Young Avengers,’ but this issue really made it work for me.  


  14. Reverend Good is Glorious Godfrey.

  15. Remember when Dan Quale ended up being a Daemonite in WildC.A.T.s?

  16. @Nate  I *don’t* but those were sure the days! 

    Now I want to find scans of Nelson Rockefeller wearing the Serpent Crown —

  17. I just realized something and didn’t knew where to post it. (Civil War Spoiler)

    But, at the end of civil war, Hank Pym was replaced by Hulkling to get inside the 42 prision…

    So, the Skrull was replaced by a Skrull… Weird, huh?


  18. Regarding Ultimate Spider-Man #123:

    I think all of those events that Eddie was relaying were from the Ultimate Spider-Man videogame, not previous issues, which is why the recap was necessary for people who haven’t played the game.

    But, yeah, the "Parker" thing bugged me too.

  19. @ Simon.  That’s a crazy catch. Ugh.  Now my head hurts.

  20. Thor has shown up in Iron Man recently.

  21. @jawshoowah – Check the first post, up top.  🙂

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