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Pick of the Week #138 – Scalped #18

Show Notes

The gang’s back together this week, and it is business as usual, as Josh Flanagan tries to prove that he doesn’t hate fun by choosing the best, yet least fun book on the market, as the Pick.

Running Time: 01:00:55

Pick of the Week:
00:01:45 – Josh goes stays on the reservation and goes with Scalped #18 as his Pick of the Week.

00:12:35 – Wolverine #66 was awesome, unless you hate fun. Plus, how about that map?
00:19:37 – Rasl #2 comes into focus a bit more, and Jeff Smith is branching out.
00:24:15 – You want fun? Guardians of the Galaxy #2 was all that and then some.
00:28:10 – If you didn’t like Justice League #22, Conor thinks you’re crazy.
00:32:44 – Jay Faerber continues to tickle Ron with Gemini #2.
00:34:28 – Is X-Factor still exciting? Issue #32 might have been.
00:36:14 – Teen Titans: Year One #5 doesn’t seem to have an overarching story, but we may have just forgotten it.
00:39:22 – Hellblazer #245 was written by Jason Aaron, just like the Pick of the Week!

User Reviews:
00:42:52 – bansidhewail has got a thing for Amadeus Cho and his puppy, so he thought highly of The Incredible Hercules #118.
00:44:39 – Tork wasn’t blown away by Iron Man: Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. #30, but it wasn’t awful either.

00:47:09 – Mike G. wants to know when to cut the cord on weekly books.
00:50:36 – PV asks about comics writers going to prose books, and if that ever works.

00:53:18 – Darrell likes some things, and doesn’t like some other things again.

“Spider-Man on Hollywood”
The Wedding Present



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  1. Ron, you’ve chosen some great musical picks over the course of the podcast – Jawbreaker comes immediately to mind – but you’ve outdone yourself with the Wedding Present.  Well Done! (my apologies to Conor or Josh if it was actually their choice…)

  2. You were correct in giving Ron credit for that.  No offense at all.

  3. I loved Warren Ellis’ novel. IT gained alot of momentum as it went on.

  4. Hey–that was nifty hearing my review discussed on the podcast!  Thanks!

    The screenname is pronounced bansheewail…bansidhe is the Irish spelling of the word.  Also, I’m one of the rare and elusive fangirls!  Not that either of these things matter, but thought I’d say hello.

  5. Hi, I met Mike Carey at a con a few years back. He was writing for British comics solely back then, with a day job as a teacher. So I’d say he wasn’t an established writer pre-comics, unless you count writing 8/10 occasionally.

    Lovely fella!

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